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Sun Sail Shades - any opinions?

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morningpaper Tue 02-Jun-09 12:28:35

Any opinions on these?

Do they withstand the wind, or do you need to take them down on windy days?

Anyone got an opinion or experience?

ihatemyjob Tue 02-Jun-09 12:42:38

Ive just bought oen from habitat as it was a better shape than the ones I saw online and cheaper. Will be putting it up this weekend so will let you know.

newtoitallmummy Thu 04-Jun-09 12:38:23

Watching with interest as I need something to add shade to our garden for babies but don't really like the look of a green argos gazebo . . .

ingles2 Thu 04-Jun-09 12:47:11

well our old one had to be taken down, because we are definitely windy It regularly blows a gale here, when it's calm it the village hmm I'm sure they're fine in normal, non exposed places though
I thinking of buying this one but need it for camping as well so am a bit worried it's too big.
That habitat one looks good and is a really good price.

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