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Great shop in Cannock Staffordshire

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nutcracker Sun 08-May-05 16:51:41

Just thought some people may like to know about this shop, BDF Centre

It is a big shop run by BDF Newlife - Birth defects childrens charity. It is like a big charity shop but i think all the stuff is new it's just that alot of it is dirty or marked of has little holes in etc and so you really have to route through the stuff. They have special offers on, todays was all £2.00 kids items, were 50p and all stuff marked £3.25 was two for £2 i think.

It is a bit manic as they bring new rails out whilst you are they and some people jump on thewm as soon as they come out, but if you don't mind that then it's a good chance to get a good bargain and help a charity.

I got a pair of Gap jeans for Dd1 £5.00, a Gap top for DD1 £2.75, some Gap dungarees for Ds £4.00 2 babygrows for Ds 50p each and 10 kids books for £2.00.

Oh and the first time you go you have to register and give a donation and then they give you a crad which is valid for a year.

Basically for anyone who loves rummaging at car boots or in charity shops, it is great.

nutcracker Sun 08-May-05 16:52:48

Link doesn't work, i'll try again.


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