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Any one know about child car seats please?

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endless Mon 01-Jun-09 11:54:30

Just looked at mine and it takes weight up to 18ks, this translates to be just over 2 stone.

I need a car seat for an older child, ages 5/6.
Dont think that "booster" seats are that good, just dont secure the child enough to my mind.

So what should i be using for my child? What do you have?

forkhandles Mon 01-Jun-09 11:59:57

Mine are all in these Cybex Solutions which are from age 4-11yrs which is 15-36kg.

There are many similar high back boosters. Is that what you are after or one with a five point harness like the one you have now?

Stretch Mon 01-Jun-09 12:04:15

We have a booster seat with a back on for DD2 (4) and just a booster seat for DD1 (7)

DD2s high back And it converts to a booster seat when the child is old enough!

LIZS Mon 01-Jun-09 15:23:47

We have had 2 Maxi Cosi Rodis which is a highback booster using the seatbelt and a Britax Evolva 123 which uses the harness until 18kg and seat belt as a highback booster after that. Of the two the MC are easier to use. Even our 11yr old still uses the back because he finds it more comfy than just a base or the seat itself.

Loopymumsy Mon 01-Jun-09 20:18:20

Message withdrawn

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