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help luna or luna mix

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winnie01 Mon 01-Jun-09 11:08:16

which one should i get????

nicolamumof3 Mon 01-Jun-09 21:46:59

luna mix imo. i've had both and luna mix just a sleeker chassis, nicer with black wheels and finish and then you can change hoods around i had green and yellow v.nice!

winnie01 Wed 03-Jun-09 11:53:31

do they fold up the same size? which one folds smaller please?

nicolamumof3 Wed 03-Jun-09 13:09:54

i don't have either anymore, but i'd say very little in it tbh.

LittleCheese Thu 04-Jun-09 21:25:37

i used to work at m&p and both are the exact same size

winnie01 Fri 05-Jun-09 22:48:57

thank you

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