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TV projector home cinema thingy

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006 Sun 08-May-05 11:00:00

I'm pondering on whether one of these would be a good investment - you know family film night etc. Argos has a cheap (relatively speaking!!!) package ( with projector and pull down screen)but I do not know whether it is worth going for more expensive items singly or whether people buy them as a gimmick and then never use them. It seems that watching films is q a nice thing to do as a family (we do other stuff too honest!)

I'm not very techy, but wondered if anyone has bought one, were they happy with it and do they actually use it?

It seems a cheaper option than the great big plasma thingies - though of course you can use those without darkening the room.

Any input welcome - especially as I though this would be a good birthday gift for DH that the whole family could enjoy (sneaky emoticon!)

Mercedes Sun 08-May-05 20:11:15

We've got one as my dp is into gadgets. I think it can be a bit fiddly as you have to get the projecter at the right distance to the screen but on the other hand it's great seeing films at home. We recently watched the incredibles on it and the size of it means it really grabs our dd's attention and we can watch in peace.

I'll tak to my dp and try and see if he as a techie can think of any drawbacks. It will be difficult as he LOVES it.

WideWebWitch Sun 08-May-05 20:19:58

We borrowed one a couple of years ago for a family event and painted our basement and turned it into a home cinema. I have to say it was fantastic and if we ever live anywhere with a spare room or basement that's what it will be, a home cinema. Ours was from dp's work so a top of the range one (gosh, using that expression makes me feel about 100!) and I'd say they're worth it, definitely. One thing to be aware of though, it used to be that the bulbs were v expensive, like £100 or something but I don't know if that's still the case. But worth thinking about how often the go and making sure that children don't mess about and damage them before they're properly ready to go.

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