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Can anyone recommend a cream/oil/bodywash/bubble bath to counter very hard and drying London water please?

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Badgerqueen Sat 30-May-09 21:09:01

We don't use much on our girls' skin, but both seem to be getting quite dry and papery. I think its London water - it dries my skin out horribly, to the extent that I have started showering less (am clean - honest!). We should prob just bath them less often, but baby gets filthy (she is just starting to feed herself) and I do think nappy bottoms should get a regular soaking.
So...can anyone suggest something softening for the bath (pref with bubbles - we have never found a decent bubble bath that isn't like paint stripper)and/or a cream that is gentle and not full of nasties? Also it would be a good thing if it didn't cost the earth (in both senses)

gazell Sun 31-May-09 01:42:29

Hi, bubble baths products is said to dry the skin. Therefore, I would like to suggest the following for the management of dry skin conditions: DERMOL 500 Lotion. It is an emollient and moisturiser, and for use as a soap substitute. This would be good to wash with it is a lovely soft and soothing lotion, and is expensive if bought at any Chemist, but alternatively you can have it prescribed by your GP. Secondly, EMULSIDERM emollient is also beneficial in the bath to soften the water and the skin, it can be bought or prescribed by your GP. Finally, two good moisturisers that I have found to be great on my childrens skin are DIPROBASE CREAM emollient and pure COCONUT oil. Again these can be obtained on prescription. I do hope that I have contributed some helpful suggestions. Kind regards.

hettie Sun 31-May-09 10:24:00

second the poster above- bubbles with soap are drying. The best thing we have used in Aveno bath oil (ask behind counter at boots if you can't see it on shelf). Second to that if bubbles are really crucial, infaderm do a bubbley emoliant- you can buy this lots places even in supermarket. I'd then use aveno cream to moisturise after, not too greasy but V good.

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 31-May-09 10:37:42

Lush do a bath bomb called butterball, very good for hard water areas and dry skin. They also do a cream called Dream Cream which has fab reviews on their website and may be worth a look.

Badgerqueen Sun 31-May-09 20:08:38

Thank you ladies! We have used diprobase in the past so will get that again. Bubbles not crucial - but nice once in a while!

WolframAlpha Sun 31-May-09 20:12:36

sometimes i put some aveeno in their bath, and for me, I use King of Skin from lush in the shower after I've washed. It's like using a body lotion but much quicker!

popmum Sun 31-May-09 20:15:13

you can just use aqueous cream in the bath, and use as a soap. very moisturising

3littlefrogs Sun 31-May-09 20:15:13

I know it is very expensive, but I have a water softener and it has been worth every penny. I use less of everything - washing powder, shampoo, soap, and it has made a difference to everyone's skin.

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