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Nomad UV Sun Shelter - anyone own or had trouble with one of theses?

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SweetTea Sat 30-May-09 08:07:37

Hi Mumsnetters,
I am on my second one of these sun shelters, had first one replaced under warranty.
Of the 3 vertical poles used, the middle one wore through the canvas fabric tab which holds it in place, i was really disappointed as it had only been used a handful of times! Got a new one and low and behold, after using it twice in the garden the same thing has started happening! I have been offered a refund or replacement and am not sure what to do. I was told this fault has never happend to anyone else who purchased it, but it's really not rocket science in how to erect it!
I paid £30 for it, it's family size so to get a different brand of the same size would mean another £15 or so.

Would be very interested to see if anyone on here has the same item and if they have had any problems?

PS I also own the Nomad Travel Cot and have been really happy with the quality of that so i think it's a decent brand

SweetTea Wed 03-Jun-09 22:37:58

Come on Mumsnetters, someone must have this Sun Shelter??!!!

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