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Underwired tankini - where can i get one?

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ja9 Sat 07-May-05 18:43:07

Just that really - i'd like an underwired tankini rather than one with 'secret support'. Has anyone seen them?

milosmum Sat 07-May-05 19:03:08

you tried "naturally close"???

almostanangel Sat 07-May-05 19:03:44

lol yes [grin[ try them

milosmum Sat 07-May-05 19:06:34

angel should know shes just started a thread asking about then

LIZS Sat 07-May-05 19:07:58

I bought one similar to this last year.

sassy Sat 07-May-05 19:40:10

Got mine from bravissimo. Its actually got a complete underwired bra hidden under the tankini top.Fab for larger gals like me!

ja9 Sun 08-May-05 21:59:19

thanks. so, debenhams, bravissimo or naturally close. Will go and have a look. ANywhere else?

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