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John Lewis are selling their own brand electricals now

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jampots Sat 07-May-05 18:19:32

Just been looking for a dishwasher and had my eye on a nice Bosch one for £350 mainly because it has a 2 year guarantee and is fairly quiet. However, I went on to the JL website and they are now doing their own products manufactured by AEG for quite reasonable money. We saved £50 and got an extra year's guarantee on top.

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 18:50:05

Well spotted. Interesting.

You may want to google some of the dishwashing repair people's Web sites, or visit (DIY Forums here which are populated by repairers and have a smooch about AEG / Electrolux and their reliability compared to other brands. If you / friend run a business, you may be able to secure trade pricing on Bosch / Miele via their appliance distributors (archive search my name and those keywords... I suggested some phone numbers a little while back).

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