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HERTZ Discount code

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outtolunch Sat 07-May-05 16:28:14

Off to Italy on Monday and forgot to book the car-oops! Does anyone know of any discount/promo codes that might help reduce the cost?

TwoIfBySea Sun 08-May-05 18:36:38

Try either of these and see if they work.



TwoIfBySea Sun 08-May-05 18:40:11

Should add these are called cdp numbers which are Hertz discount numbers and should be quoted to central reservations or put in the internet booking.

outtolunch Mon 09-May-05 01:45:30

Unfortunately the code didn't work . THanks anyway!

Chuffed Mon 09-May-05 09:33:13

ryanair have a hertz deal 3 days for price of 2, click on the hertz link from their website.

TwoIfBySea Tue 10-May-05 22:50:25

Sorry Outtolunch, DH will be getting sent to the naughty corner for that!

He even looked it up on his computer at work to get the code. Just don't talk to me about Hertz, they are not my favourite company!

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