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Please help - wrap sling for hot weather for DD2 in Pavlik harness

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Swaliswan Fri 29-May-09 09:30:59

DD2 is in a pavlik harness so needs to be carried in a wrap sling to keep her hips abducted. Which wrap would you recommend for summer as my Kari me is a bit hot. I think that the Ellaroo and the Calin Bleu look the lightest.


HouseisJackBauersDoctor Fri 29-May-09 14:59:00

I have a berry red calin bleu that I bought to take to Tunisia with DD2. It was fab, obviously warmer than not wearing a sling but not too bad. Much, much thinner than my Didymo as well.

(am also looking to sell it as I don't exactly live in a sunny area <cheeky>)

Swaliswan Fri 29-May-09 22:05:42

I am interested but I do have quite a lot of equipment to buy for DD (wide pram, different vibro-chair, different clothes etc etc) so I don't have loads of money to spend. How much did you want for it? I understand if you want to ebay it to get more money.

curlyredhead Fri 29-May-09 22:10:33

Calin bleu thinner than ellaroo and lovely to wrap with.

Tangle Fri 29-May-09 22:17:38

Not trying to do HSBD out of anything here, but if you're interested in 2nd hand you might be interested in the UKbabywearingSWAP mailgroup and the NaturalMamas forum - you may well find something suitable there for a good price (and if there's nothing advertised you could post an ISO)

HouseisJackBauersDoctor Sat 30-May-09 15:27:17

Oh I don't want much, I got it from an ISO post on UKbabywearing swap for £25 purely for my hols so would only want that back really.
I am on rowieb at btinternet dot com if you fancy it, or want to haggle....

babypringle Sat 30-May-09 20:19:33

Sorry to jump in, but if Swaliswan doesn't want the calin bleu sling I would be interested grin

HouseisJackBauersDoctor Sat 30-May-09 20:31:24

Duly notedgrin

Swaliswan Sat 30-May-09 20:32:13

Have e-mailed.

HouseisJackBauersDoctor Sat 30-May-09 20:41:05

Mailed you back

potxola Tue 21-Jul-09 12:32:23

Are you still selling your Calin bleu? What size is it?

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