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Home office furniture - computer desk etc.?

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franch Sat 07-May-05 12:38:18

Where should I look for something that'll look nice in our front room? Need a desk for PC with a bit of space for writing, plus some kind of very compact unit to house 2 printers, scanner etc.

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 12:52:03

What kind of style / budget ? You're in centrally / N. London, Franch, right ? (sorry if I'm confusing you with someone else).

Can I also ask re: equipment... is this 'non negotiable' ie there is no point in me propsing laptop instead of desktop, flat screen instead of big CRT, slim scanner instead of big one, wireless print server to allow printer to be repositioned (or WiFi for the house to allow computer desk to be repositioned ?)

franch Sat 07-May-05 13:15:51

No, you've got the right franch

Well ideally, something not too modern (ie not beech & chrome) but not ornate imitation antique either. I was just looking at Next online and I like their Dakota range - obviously it doesn't have to be this style but that might give you an idea of my taste.

Not sure about budget at the moment because I haven't done enough research to know what the price range is yet - the usual I suppose: as little as poss, but prepared to pay a bit extra for something special.

Basically we've just realised we're going to have to stay in our flat a bit longer than planned so are going to convert our (quite large) office into a bedroom for DD and devote a small corner of our front room to the PC etc. This will require some serious downsizing, and the less-than-attractive bulky grey office-surplus furniture that I wangled as a student just won't do any more. Ultimately the furniture will be transferred into a proper office in our new house, when we do eventually move.

Re. changing our hardware, hmm - we will be replacing our desktop in the next year or so - had hoped not to have to do so right away, but might think about it if it helps significantly. We already have a laptop so it's conceivable we might be able to rely on that for a while, altho DH isn't keen so a slimline desktop might be a more realistic option if not too expensive. Our scanner & printers are really good so don't want to replace these.

Well, you did ask!

Oh, and all this still has to leave room for all our living room furniture, plus a birthing pool come September

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 13:24:47

Have a quick sneak at Gweinck plus dh business here You might see some suitable furniture in a similar style !

I've got to go to a plant sale 5 minutes ago so will have to post later. Sorry.

Whilst I'm away, consider questioning dh about getting a flat screen at least - these can be reused whatever PC you might upgrade to and have a big impact on the footprint required and look of the desk space...

Really must go.

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 13:26:01


PS - you owe me Gwenick

franch Sat 07-May-05 14:24:17

Gwenick's stuff is gorgeous but a bit big for us and a bit pricey I think - also hoping to get something more purpose-made for the scanner & printers, IYKWIM. Probably asking the impossible: tasteful and practical?

Gwenick Sat 07-May-05 16:44:02

hub - You'll get me into trouble (ps we've been adding stuff to it - no 'standard' sized office desks as yet unfortunately - but we have FINALLY recieved our CD with the 1000's of products and are slowly adding them )

franch Sat 07-May-05 16:59:09

Gwenick it's a great site - don't think MN can object to h2d and me admiring it

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 17:11:27

& we all know that as soon as you sell anything, Gwenick / have an income / you'll buy a business ad.

Franch, have you considered finding / buying some pleasantly distressed chunky timber and getting a chippy to make it up for you, to accomodate your printers / scanner etc. ?

(I may have a chippy for you, depending where you are etc. I've used him LOADS).

There is a style of computer desk that puts all the crap in one 'tower' kind of thing (maybe in the shape of a fridge IYSWIM), and it opens up in a very clever way (kind of diagonally) to present the contents / desk etc.

I can't think of where I've seen it, but I'm sure some googling would find similar things.

On the High Street in Hendon is a specialist desk shop. They seem to know their stuff and have nice designs but maybe too modern for you ? Don't know if you ever pass through there.

Mind is a bit of a blank sadly, perhaps someone else might read you post and be better informed ?

mouseman Sat 07-May-05 17:34:20

We are thinking of getting the one from Ikea - it looks a bit like a corner dresser but the front two doors open and there is a desk and shelving inside - close the doors and its all hidden away again. Can't think what the range is called but its in the catalogue - I'll try to find out.

franch Sat 07-May-05 17:38:24

mouseman I think I've seen the unit you mean. Would be good for our present (temporary) needs but not ideal for a proper office when we move.

h2d - using a chippy is a v good idea - again the problem is we'd get it tailor-made for our current space then find it wasn't quite right for our future needs, I fear. Think I just need to find something simple and inexpensive. Will look out for the tower-style thing you mention, and give Ikea a proper look.

If anyone has any ideas of other websites I should look at I'd be very grateful

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 17:59:22

Don't know quite what the room style is, but carefully chosen trestle legs (probably not Ikea, but they do some OK ones) plus lovely worktop in pleasant wood (maybe choose a nice $$$ hardwood) might suit... always looks open, spacious, relaxed, artistic...

If your chippy works to an 'ordinary desk height / depth etc.' the table should work wherever...

ooohh.. what about an MDF / cheapo top but covered in a delicious print tablecloth type of thing ? (as deigner as you dare $$$)

PS - Hadn't forgotten about our hossie / birth thread...things kind of crept over / glazed over and there seemed to be quite a few chit chatty 'blokes at birth' threads that gave good pointers for Bear Grappling Etiquette at Grand Birthing Ceremonies. Will resurrect / launch as needed and thanks again for yr input.

lapsedrunner Sat 07-May-05 18:03:57


franch Sat 07-May-05 18:04:18

Will present your ideas to DH, h2d!

Thanks for the PS - do keep me updated, and good luck

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 18:09:55

BTW: if it helps, printers can be situated anywhere within a wireless ('WiFi') network in your house. Some have built in wireless capability, others have optional 'wireless print server' modules, whilst some wireless routers etc. act as the wireless print server IYSWIM... that might help with where things need to go.

If you want to get flash, you might want to consider a sliding keyboard tray / floating mousepad holder thingy (you could also go wireless mouse and keyboard if that floats your boat)...

franch Sat 07-May-05 18:42:15

I love the whole wireless idea. But I guess that'd mean getting new printers & scanner. Oh to be wealthy

almostanangel Sat 07-May-05 18:53:08

pmsl thought the pm needed new furniture when i saw this thread! homeoffice!

hub2dee Sat 07-May-05 19:02:18

Scanner would remain wired, but you might be able to either get a wireless module for your printer, or a wireless router which would act as a print server. You wouldn't need to ditch your printer, but it might give you more flexibility in sharing / positioning it.

guddy Sun 08-May-05 09:32:31


i was also looking for a similar desk.
have you had a look at the laura ashley catalogue?
there is a chaldon desk,bit pricey but does look fab.their website is a nightmare.if you go to the store im sure they will be able to help you.
there is another one on the site in the range.which you can build up with few options.this one is not as pricey as laura ashley one.
happy shopping!

SoupDragon Sun 08-May-05 09:47:44

Have a look at Ikea's Alve and Effektiv workspace series. Both have a number of componant parts so you can create the set you need and also add to it. Both come in a dark wood finish (Alve is stained pine, think Effectiv is veneer)

franch Sun 08-May-05 10:03:13

Thanks all - v useful

franch Sun 08-May-05 10:03:40

guddy, is it the Tanguy desk on La Redoute that you mean? Their prices are good.

guddy Mon 09-May-05 13:33:53

yes franch thats the one.
Its worth checking if you can use 20% off codes from laredoute.

franch Mon 09-May-05 14:00:16

Where do I get the discount codes?

guddy Mon 09-May-05 20:57:48

2581 is the code for 20%off your order .
you may find more codes from the mumsnet thread of discount codes.not good at doing links sorry!!!

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