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How much does popcorn cost at the cinema?

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Millarkie Thu 28-May-09 17:05:41

OK, I know the answer is 'too much' but I want to give the kids a half term treat but won't be going with them. If I send them with too much spending money they will spend it so how much for 3 tubs of popcorn (for a 19yr old, 7yr old, 5yr old) and 3 bottles of fizzy water?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 28-May-09 17:08:02

Bloody hell - I think it is about £4 iirc.

FWIW don't let them anywhere near the pick and mix. I am sure that they add invisible lead weights to the sweets. Last time I succumbed it cost over a tenner for 2 bags of sweets, I could have wept.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 28-May-09 17:08:35

20 quid

not joking

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 28-May-09 17:09:45

Yes, Laurie is right.

cookielove Thu 28-May-09 17:10:35

we went last night, it was £4 for a medium tub but i think they said for 30p or 90p or something like that they would make it a large. I'm not sure you can buy bottles of water in cinemas but for the medium drinks i think it's 2 pound something. You could always do what i did, took a large bag with me and took in loads of my own stuff, i'm sure the 19 year old could carry that in

poopscoop Thu 28-May-09 17:12:42

i think for popcorn and a fizzy per child you are looking at 6 quid each.

take your own, I do.

StarPlayer Thu 28-May-09 17:13:08

I got my ds a bag of toffee popcorn from Lidl (yum yum)to take with him. Much better than the cinema ones(though very very fatteninggrin)

TheProfiteroleThief Thu 28-May-09 17:14:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 28-May-09 17:17:29

Make the 19 year old wear a baggy hoody and shove sweets and popcorn up it <embarassing mum emoticon>

The popcorn tastes stale in cinemeas anyway.

Millarkie Thu 28-May-09 17:25:18

Thanks I knew that most of you would say to take our own but the popcorn is a major part of the treat in ds's eyes.

I've given them £40 but the train fare and cinema tickets comes to just over £20 so they'll have to do what they can with the rest. (I have given 19yr old strict instructions to make sure they have lunch before they go and only 1 drink during the film and absolutely NO pick'n'mix).

cookielove Thu 28-May-09 17:26:44

good luck on that one

Millarkie Thu 28-May-09 17:55:09

Am thinking of getting them to take some juice cartons so they only need to buy the all-important stale popcorn.

georgiemum Thu 28-May-09 17:59:02

I make my own. I keep the boxes that we get at parties and the ones you get kids lunches in at the museums and put it in there. You can also buy them for about 35p in the shops and the kids love it. They also love making the popcorn and squidging honey on it.

Millarkie Sun 31-May-09 19:53:03

Well, they went, they ate, they enjoyed the film and they brought me home a tenner change! - kids popcorn boxes (with drink and choccies) are £2.95, adult popcorn about £3.50.

madlentileater Sun 31-May-09 19:55:45

cinema popcorn must be so sickly, judging by the cloying smell in our Vue- deffo make your own!

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