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Anyone had their car's A/C serviced at Kwikfit?

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Ponders Thu 28-May-09 10:57:43

I saw an ad that said they do it very cheaply (forget how much, but only 2 figures) & I'm sure my main dealer mentioned a figure in the hundreds when I asked about it once but they may do a much more thorough job...

(It's a Zafira.)

CruelAndUnusualParenting Wed 03-Jun-09 20:24:00

I wouldn't let Kwik Fit check my tyre pressure.

southeastastra Wed 03-Jun-09 20:25:28

me neither!

sazm Wed 03-Jun-09 23:59:10

at this time of year most places do offers, should be about £50,
if you only need it re-gassed you can buy a tin of the gas at halfords and do it yourself,its £15-£10 depending on how much your car takes,

npg1 Thu 04-Jun-09 19:54:22

how do you know if it only needs re gassing? Mine has all of a sudden died on me and no cold air comes out of it now!

sazm Fri 05-Jun-09 00:51:21

yep,the gas has prob just ran out.

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