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Change Bag for Phil & Teds

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Acqua Tue 26-May-09 02:50:16

Hi there, can anyone recommend a change bag they're happy with with that fits on the Phil & Ted?
I've looked at the different Skip Hop ones and also the Phil & Ted Diddy bag one - but I'm really confused.
With 2 kids I tend to always lug around quite a bit. The usual nappies, clean clothes, drinks, Teddy grin!
Any advice much appreciated as I need to buy one this week before we go on holiday. Thanks!

4andnotout Tue 26-May-09 14:02:05

I use a Allerhand bag which velcros to the handle, it is big enough for me and i have 2 in cloth which takes up a lot of room!

ilovemydogandmrobama Tue 26-May-09 14:09:11

I use the P & T pannier bags. I have 2. One for sunmesh thing and raincover, and the other for nappies (same as 4 as they are cloth), wipes, clothes, drinks, snacks, hats, fleeces etc)

4andnotout Tue 26-May-09 14:10:49

I roll my raincover up and put it in the elasticated mesh pocket in the rear of the basket, then i can fill my bag with wispas kids stuf wink

Acqua Wed 27-May-09 02:08:27

LOL wispas? I try to be good and not bring along my own mummy chocolate. But always endup raiding my DDs chocolate buttons grin.
Thanks for the advice on the bags. I'm still undecided. I'm hopeless. So my DH has stepped in and asked if I can get him the Phil & Ted's Nursery bag - it's a very manly backpack. I'll procrastinate awhile longer I think on what I'd like!

verybadhairdoo Thu 28-May-09 15:11:38

sorry to hijack your thread, but was wondering how you got on with the P&T diddy bag thing. was considering getting one and have the vibe buggy. With the two DC it is kind of difficult to get something that does not whack the baby in the head!! Was also thinking of the bacpac thing but since I have 2 prolapsed discs at the minute sad perhaps its not such a good idea

mogs0 Thu 28-May-09 16:54:26

I used to use a pannier hanging off the back of the doubles seat. Also used a skip-hop and, for short trips, used the p&t hangbag (could fit a couple of nappies, wipes, keys, small purse, packet of rice cakes and a couple of drinks).

blithedance Thu 28-May-09 17:00:12

I had one that clipped on the handle - the P&T bacpac but I suspect now discontinued.

Oh wait here you go

It has two extra D rings near the top, and two webbing loops with clips that go over the buggy handles and connect it on. Alternatively you can carry it in the normal rucksack way, or stuff it in parcel tray. Loads of room in it.

blithedance Thu 28-May-09 17:02:04

doh - must read thread properly. Well I got on well with it if that confirms your decision. Just hankered occasionally for a pretty bag!

verybadhairdoo Tue 02-Jun-09 13:12:17

k tks blithedance, didn't realise the bacpac clipped to the handles. out of interest do you have a Vibe or a Sport, if find from friends with the Sport their stuff doesnt really fit well on the Vibe. Though no one I know has the bacpac or the diddy bag.

giraffesCantRunA10k Tue 02-Jun-09 13:13:45

I just get a bag and stuff it in the basket bit, always too worried a swingy bag would bash the child on the head.

sarahrhianna Tue 02-Jun-09 13:44:22

hi any advice on what to do with flat tyres on the sport? have seen some green gunk tyre stuff but not sure how it works and fed up with mending punctures the usual way. perhaps i should watch where i am going more so less flat tyres!

Acqua Wed 03-Jun-09 00:50:36

We have the new Phil & Ted's vibe and we tested out the P&T's backpack that my husband wanted this weekend.
It clips easily onto the back handle bars OK and although it looks like it'll bash your kids head with it - it doesn't seem (but then again I don't jog with it!).

grin Positives is:

+ Good quality.

+ very easy to clip on and off the P&T handle bars.

+ it's not too big so doesn't look too bulky when full. I'd say it's the right size for a full day out with one child (but sadly not 2 if you're a kitchen sink type mum like me even though for short trips it would be OK for 2 kids). Having said that it's good is not too large as otherwise it'd probably be ttoo heavy for the buggy or your back!

+ It has 3 main zipped compartments - even though I'd say only two of them are big enough to hold anything of worth. I had the middle section for all the nappy change stuff. The larger section at the back had all the spare clothes, one cot blanket, several muslin cloths, bibs, hat, suncream and P&T bottle holder. The small section on the front seemed tiny but came in handy to store some colouring pencils/pens, very little notebook/ stickers.

+ It comes with an extra insulated bottle holder which I could fit two small medela bottles but I'd say only one Avent style. The bottle holder has mesh on the outside, useful to stash a muslin cloth and infacol. You can clip it to the side of the back pack with the custom clip if you want, or use it's loop thingy to attach to any buggy hooks you may have, but unfortunately it doesn't have an attachemnt device direct onto the handlebars of it's own (you'll need buggy hooks). Just being picky!

+ The back pack has a handy mesh section on the side you can slip a small water bottle in for thirsty mums/dads.
+ cord thingy on the outside is good to temporarily quickly stash a blanket/ teddy or a muslin cloth on the move.

sad Negatives:

- However my hubby (6ft 2)didn't like the way it kept bashing his knees as he pushed the buggy and ended up wearing it on his back! or up and squashed off to one side of the hood - which made me nervous it may come crashing down and startle baby at the back (it didn't). Note it doesn't bother my knees (5ft 4) - I thought it was OK.
- Not girly! But atleast my hubby can also use it.
- Will need other bags when out for the FULL day. On my day trip I took an extra lunch bag for my elder childs nibbles and a tote bag for all her kitchen sink stuff.

Overall - I am very happy with the purchase, but I will need to purchase some pannier bags I think if they fit the Vibe*

QUESTION: Any one out there use pannier bags with their P&T VIBE?*

joynovemberjoy Thu 04-Jun-09 12:35:55

I bought 2 Skip Hop Saddle bags which hook or attach really easily to each side of the P&T. Love them. Hold loads - much more than would appear. We use one for each child so that if they go out separately we don't have to think about decanting a big change bag. Jojo sell them at £20 quid each but 10% discount and free delivery. Have had lots of people asking about them as the black ones go really well with my Sport.

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