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bugaboo takata

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CoteDAzur Sun 24-May-09 09:40:21

Has anyone used Bugaboo's Takata seat?

CoteDAzur Sun 24-May-09 18:05:16


TeaandCake Mon 25-May-09 09:56:50

Erm... I don't think it has been launched in the UK yet.

Please correct me if I'm wrong though!

CoteDAzur Mon 25-May-09 17:17:36

Oh ok. We live in France and it has been around for some time.

ivedoneitnow Sun 31-May-09 22:04:52

Hi. I have had mine here for 8 months. I ordered it from a website in the netherlands and had it shipped over. It worked out at about £200 including shipping.
I did love it at first, but the hood keeps popping off, and the bugaboo logo behind the babies head is peeling off.
I have emailed bugaboo about it, but had no reply.
It still gets some looks when people see it but to be honest, a maxi cosi would have been a better buy.

CoteDAzur Wed 03-Jun-09 12:18:18

I bought it in the end. So far, I like it.

I tried taking hood off and it doesn't come off (i should read book). Is it possible yours might be defective? Covered by warranty, I assume.

ivedoneitnow Tue 21-Jul-09 19:21:03

I have had a reply from Bugaboo... they said their emails have had a bit of a backlog.
Anyway, I explained the 2 problems and I have received a replacement hood and headrest under the warranty. I'm very pleased about that!!
Now my baby is 10 months so is going in the next stage car seat so I plan to sell the Takata on Ebay (with the brand new parts!) and the adapters for the cameleon.

CoteDAzur Thu 23-Jul-09 12:14:14

I'm happy for you smile

Meanwhile, DS is 2 months and is already using the Takata at highest setting (70 cm) so it looks unlikely that we will get much more use out of it. Perhaps not the best money spent?

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