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Pushchair Shed May part 2

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BexieID Thu 21-May-09 23:19:03


claret1980 Fri 22-May-09 06:15:39

Morning all!
Vigour should be coming today.

claret1980 Fri 22-May-09 06:23:21

If anyone is interested in a black BJCM. There is one for sale on ebay in my town if anyone wants to bid I can pick up and send on. wItemQQptZUK_Baby_BabyTravel_Pushchairs_GL?hash=item170333985054&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3 A2109%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A0%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50

farrahplus3 Fri 22-May-09 06:31:49

morning all, nicola its been such a long time i cant remember what review you gave of the streety can you remind me please was it any good?

nicolamumof3 Fri 22-May-09 07:17:27

Morning ladies!!

Fara, i liked the streety, but i fear you may be disappointed after the bee. like the fold like the seat quite big but it didn't feel great to push unfortunately, i struggled one handed up kerbs i couldn't imagine it taking a board either.

Right got interest in my mac and zapp shall i sell and get a peg perego si??

farrahplus3 Fri 22-May-09 07:30:45

thanks nicola if you struggled one handed up kerbs i probably wouldnt do it 2 handed because of my weak wrist. loks like i may have to get another bee unless any other suggestions?
yes get peg i loved my pliko lite and they are almost the same really lovely to push. love the colours of the si aswell

nicolamumof3 Fri 22-May-09 07:33:42

i know but i love my zapp so much, i wanted the breen for ages, but only managed to use it once. and i love the mac quest too. if i get si i hate it i couldn't afford to replace the other two!! the dilemas eh??

pureeandpearls Fri 22-May-09 08:25:14

It will go to a good home Nicola, though now have my eye on the BJCM Claret mentioned!

5inthebed Fri 22-May-09 08:38:37

I think you'll miss the zapp and mac Nicola. You're a mac girl after all, you've said it yourself. I do like the look of the Si though.

PaP, get the BJCM, you'll not be disappointed.

I am thinking of elling/swapping my mac for a pliko switch. What do you think? Will I regret it? I much prefer my bjcm now and still pining for a rear facer. Like the pliko, like the floating harness on it because of the bumper bar, love the fold. Anyone had one?

pebbles79 Fri 22-May-09 08:40:32

I've heard the Switch is heavy for an older child.

5inthebed Fri 22-May-09 08:44:26

Really? I don't do heavy prams for older kids. Ideally, I would love a skate. There is a woman at the baby group I take ds3 to who has one. I always eye it up when I am parking my pram.

nicolamumof3 Fri 22-May-09 09:57:03

5in i wouldn't get the switch not for your ds, i would love one for a newborn, but they are heavy with an older child so wouldn't last you long i think you'd have trouble one hand pushing if you were holding onto ds2 as well.

i will miss the mac and zapp you're right 5in. lecohen def wants zapp when i sell, but not sure i could part with it you all know i wanted the breen for ages, and now i've got it. ordered footmuff for it too the other day. i will see if i can sweet talk dp into taking me to shop over in Essex that stocks its, its nearby some family we are visiting in the next few weeks anyway. And he'll owe me one after being away grin

5inthebed Fri 22-May-09 11:46:20

I'm sure you can sweet talk him into it Nicola. Say its an early wedding present for you wink

Some of the silver has come off the handle on my mac! sadangry Now it looks crap.

My BJCM footmuff should come today. Couldn't get over to get it collected, and seller away at weekend, so the impatient thing that I am, paid £8 for delivery for it, even though they just live in next town. Oh well.

BexieID Fri 22-May-09 12:00:04

Found out yesterday that one of my friends at toddlers is expecting again. She is due 4th Dec and is having twins! shock Twins don't run in her family either! Her DS is 3 next week.

sal1309 Fri 22-May-09 12:19:56

morning all hope your all well.

Still need to sell my maclaren fourseasons and have decided to sell my jane but cant be bothered to list on ebay lol

currently trying to declutter my house with no success hence not been on much lol

Balamorybaby Fri 22-May-09 12:43:25

Just waiting for the courier to deliver my new pushchair grin and getting very impatient!

Finally decided on a first wheels twin, after looking at the twin BJ and the nipper twin, I decided I really wanted the twins to be rear facing so going to try the first wheels out and see if that works for us.

claret1980 Fri 22-May-09 13:19:10

My Vigour has arrived! It seems massive in comparison to the buzz and Ziko. Will give it a test run when I pick dd up from school.

Just watch the Apprentice. That pushchair didn't look fantastic but would be ok for trip on holiday. I don't think it would be something you would use as a main pushchair. Would pay probably £100 tops. They totally got it wrong about the rocking horse. I would never buy something like that if I had so much other stuff to buy for a baby.
What the other team didn't get was that there are people like us!! Pushchairs sell!

FlyMeToDunoon Fri 22-May-09 13:39:56

Hi all. Well the Zapp is not for me unfortunately and will be sold. Also got a nice travel bag which is going too.
Still swithering over what to sell and what to get next.

pureeandpearls Fri 22-May-09 13:42:50

Selling the Zapp Dunoon?

FlyMeToDunoon Fri 22-May-09 13:54:01

Yep. Ad is up now.

basl Fri 22-May-09 13:58:22

5inthebed, I take it all back about the bjcm. I have just done the nursery walk and let me tell you it is a bumpy path and i could nto believe how smooth it was. If this is how the bjcm handles the rough ground i can't imagine what the bjce would be like. I do need some padding out with a liner as my little boy is sloutching and a light weight footmuff, The only gripe i have is i have sore wrists and don't know if it is just me getting used to the handle height or shape. I am off now to order a padded liner form chunkle?? as i can't seem to get intouch with the Snunkie lady.

Balamorybaby Fri 22-May-09 15:05:23

Can't remember who was after the new Ziko (in nicey or hot n bothered) but they are back in stock at M&P atm for £125 smile

sweetkitty Fri 22-May-09 16:23:30

hello ladies just back from my holidays, it was great, we all had a fab time and to cap it off there was a buggy park beside the swimming pool and DP said "SK you have died nad gone to heaven lol" there were loads of buggies to eye up grin

We ended up having to hire a buggy for DD2 as she wasn't well the first day we got there and we also found it much quicker pushing her, I had hopes of a nice Nipper or MB wink but got Mothercare Jive (rubbish)

Haven't had time to catch up on everyones purchases/selling yet although Nicola I cannot believe (well I can lol) you are selling the Zapp Breen and the Mac grin

I am going to buy a liner for the Lunamix and change it over to the black with purple hood for a change, also fancy a cheapish Zapp.

FlyMeToDunoon Fri 22-May-09 16:28:10

Hello sweetkitty. Holiday sounds great.

5inthebed Fri 22-May-09 17:34:23

Glad you've come round to my way of thinking Basl wink.

I missed the postman, so will have to wait til Tuesday now to go collect it from the postoffice. Grrrr.

Glad you had a good holiday SK. I saw a Luna mix with green hood today. The green is lovely, although still not liking the look of the whole pram.

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