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Izi combi 9-18 kg car-seat

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chatname Thu 21-May-09 09:56:09

We are wondering whether to order one of these reclining car-seats for our 12 month old son. Has anyone any experiene of using one? We have an elderly Volvo estate, so we need to fit it using seat-belts. I would also be interested to know of any other rear-facing car-seats suitable for the Volvo.


Verity79 Thu 21-May-09 20:56:14


Try here

I know they are listed as special needs seats but my dds have a 2 way elite and a nordic secura and they don't have a condition that requires them to rear face longer (other than being under 6!).

Also see item 4 for contacting Volvo direct as they make a extended rear facing seat for their cars.

If you give the ladies at the Essex In Car Safety Centre a call they should be able to advise you about a suitable seat even if you are out of area - their contact details are linked to on the same page just above item 1.

Good luck with your car seat hunt.

chatname Wed 27-May-09 13:21:21

Hello again. I think the Volvo own make ones haven't done as well in tests as the BeSafe Izi Combi seats. We are having difficulty finding anywhere accessible to us where we can try the Izi Combi in the Volvo.

Is there anyone who has got an Izi Combi fitted with seat belts in an old style Volvo V70 estate, by any chance?

tellnoone Wed 27-May-09 20:42:35

I have a new Izi Combi! Mine is the one that fits with seatbelts, not isofix. It has a list of cars and whether it fits in the front seat, middle, or side. The Volvo V70 is listed and fits all positions. smile

Unfortunately neither of our cars are listed! But we got it in anyway. It's quite difficult to set it up but it seems secure. I agonised over buying it because it was so expensive and of course getting translations of norwegian and swedish crash test reviews was a bit difficult, and choosing is never easy. But I'm happy now. We got it from Paul Stride, they are in York but we didn't try before buying as they were too far away. I ordered on line and it was delivered (for free) in 24 hours. It's also available on line at Snowflakes.

BCLass Fri 29-May-09 22:36:11

tellnoone - would you mind sharing the translations of the crash test results? This is exactly what I have been looking for, but have not managed to find anywhere.

tellnoone Sun 31-May-09 16:30:50

BClass, I got the info from (click item 4 link in Verity's post) and under test results - some of these are in swedish. It warns about the difference between consumer ratings and crash ratings - both of these are linked.
I used google translate, not entirely sure how I did it, but for some it could translate the whole page and for some I had to copy and paste and then translate each sentence, so a bit time consuming and I didn't save it unfortunately. That said, I think the info was on Izi kid not Izi combi but they are similar, and my understanding of the info was probably not great. I'm pleased we now have a rear-facing seat, but whether we have the best one, who knows.

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