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Copon Code for 2 left feet

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Springchicken Thu 05-May-05 12:34:12

Has anyone got one of these? Just about to order a car seat and buggy and wondered if i could save some pennies.

Jbck Thu 05-May-05 22:17:00

I don't have a code but I remember a while back lots of people having problems with orders from them. I ordered a parasol thing to go with my buggy & after 4 weeks I cancelled because they kept giving me a different later delivery date.
I prefer Kiddicare if they have what you're looking for.

marthamoo Thu 05-May-05 22:17:50

Aaarghhh! Don't touch twoleftfeet with a bargepole. I'll see if I can resurrect an old thread for you.

marthamoo Thu 05-May-05 22:24:10


and here

Springchicken Fri 06-May-05 08:45:18

Oh balls! what can i do then?

I ordered a buggy and car seat from there yesterday because it was cheaper and had the quickest delivery!


marthamoo Fri 06-May-05 09:04:08

Did you get them with a credit card? Your company will cover you if it's (I think) over £100. You could ring and try and cancel (say you've changed your mind?) or sit tight and keep your fingers crossed. I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier. Good luck.

Springchicken Fri 06-May-05 09:17:28


They said it would be 2 days delivery and i ordered yesterday - so i'll wait til Monday but if no sign of it i'll cancel it then.

Fingers crossed

marthamoo Fri 06-May-05 09:19:33

I hope it works out OK. I did get my pushchair in the end...but it was a lot of aggravation I could have done without.

Springchicken Mon 09-May-05 15:00:48

Not looking good!
I emailed them this morning at 08.55 to ask if my delivery would definitely take place today and have heard nothing.
I've just called to speak with someone and it tells you to email them so they can deal with your enquiry more efficiently - doesn't even give you the option to speak to someone!


lemonice Mon 09-May-05 15:48:06

Distance selling regulations mean you can cancel within the cooling off period although if the goods have been despatched they do not have to refund you the delivery charge or provide return free unless the goods are faulty.

Hope you get the goods you want.

Springchicken Tue 10-May-05 11:51:20

How do i go about cancelling my order then if they don't reply to emails and when you call they tell you to email them?

Plus, if i do manage to cancel it, I'll probably have a whole new polava with getting them to refund my money.

Can't believe i was this stupid DD really needs her new car seat and i could really do with her having her new buggy - what an idiot

lemonice Tue 10-May-05 12:19:29

There should be a section on the site of Terms and Conditions or Returns but I would send an email with CANCEL MY ORDER in the subject line In the email say that you wish to cancel the order because it has not arrived within the two days promised and you have not had a reply to your follow up enquiries.(check on the website for what exactly it does say regarding delivery it may well be something like we try to send all our orders out within x days when items are in stock and if items are out of stock we will contact you if we cannot deliver within 14 or 28 days) and ask them to confirm the cancellation and refund within x days. If you still don't hear send another email informing them that you have put the transaction into dispute for chargeback from your card issuer.(contact your card issuer for their advice before doing this)

Springchicken Wed 11-May-05 08:08:39

Thanks Lemonice - this is what the website says:

Your order will be processed the next working day from point of ordering. Two Left Feet will normally deliver your goods within ten to fourteen working days of ordering, with some exceptions. Brands such as Jane, Kidsmill, Dutailier, and Bebecar furniture, will be delivered within four to six weeks of ordering.
Items which are in stock, or included in our Two Day Delivery section, will be despatched the next day, for delivery the following day.

I placed my order on 5th May which was last Thursday - therefore, should've been dispatched on Friday and delivered Monday as it was in the "Two Day Delivery" section
The money was taken from my account on 6th May.

Springchicken Thu 12-May-05 08:30:40


Still not arrived so i emailed them yesterday askig what was happening. Am scared to cancel it now incase they don't give me my money back.

Springchicken Thu 12-May-05 12:16:38

Have just called the Sales Office - aparently they have 3 working days to respond to emails and as today is the 3rd working day, i should receive it today.
Asked what i do if i don't receive an email and she said i could call back tomorrow but the Sales office only have limited information available so they may not be able to help!

AAARRRGGGGGGGG How could i have been so stupid

lemonice Thu 12-May-05 15:44:10

Well it sounds as though they are promising delivery if it was in the two day section - have you heard back yet? And it sound like their customer service is pretty poor to me and over bureaucratic, best practice says that business is measured by response to complaiints and from what you say they are not scoring very highly. Every business fails and has complaints at some point but managing them should be a top priority.

Jbck Fri 13-May-05 17:37:23

Springchicken I hope you've heard something but don't feel stupid hindsight's a terrific thing but no-one I know actually has it
If you've heard nothing contact your card issuer & see what advice they offer.
Email them again to say you're contacting Consumer protection people.

Springchicken Mon 16-May-05 10:29:26

Thanks for all of your help but i am glad to say that my items arrived this morning.

Needless to say i wont be using TLF again and next time i order items from a website i haven't used before, i will be researching them properly first.

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