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Bugaboo Bee

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Chezbo Tue 19-May-09 20:23:42

Hi Everyone,
I am new to mumsnet so please bear with me! I am really mad because I have been after a bugaboo bee and was waiting until today to order one. I had a discount code of 10% for mothercare and its expired today - ahhh!! The cheapest I have found them for is £359 and I am wondering if anyone has a discount code for a place where they sell them or if you know anywhere I can get one cheaper than that? I am after the khaki colour! Thanks :-)

pebbles79 Tue 19-May-09 20:27:24

AF8 Mothercare code has expired but PS8 still works for 10% off.

pebbles79 Tue 19-May-09 20:27:56

Or failing that, Glasgow Pram Centre sell them for £340.

Chezbo Tue 19-May-09 20:30:21

Oh thank you so much! You have saved me a fortune!

Chezbo Tue 19-May-09 20:37:09

Just tried glasgow pram centre they are £359 on there. I think Mothercare is best option because I can go into a store if any faults. Thanks again

womma Tue 19-May-09 20:53:07

I have a Bee, it's a bit shite tbh!

Chezbo Tue 19-May-09 20:59:01

oh no! I have read really good reviews on it. What don't you like about it?

womma Wed 20-May-09 12:14:52

Well...the good things are it's small, light and very nippy around town and great for public transport.
But, my baby is 7 months old and I'm on my second one. The shop I bought it from replaced my first one after the chassis wouldn't open, it turned out that the unit that opens and closes the chassis had sunk and we couldn't open the pram at all.
Also the brakes are rubbish, even after one week on the new pram, I put the brakes on and if you're on any type of incline however small, the pram swings round, it seems that only one wheel will lock at a time (not good if you're waiting to cross the road for instance, the pram will swing into the road, terrfiying!!).
I know several people with them and they've all had problems with faults, and a couple have sold their prams and bought McLarens. Also, when I took my pram to the shop, there were three other people with Bees behind me with various problems.
It's also not good on any type of rough pavement, so if you like going out for walks or live anywhere 'non-urban' it might not be great for your bub. My dd's face over any rough ground is a picture of discomfort.
I do wish I'd bought a different pram, and I'm now considering selling it and buying a different one.
It's just not worth the money in my view. If you need any more info, let me know. Hope I haven't dashed your plans for a nice pram too much, but it's best to know before you buy. Good luck!

Skimummy Wed 20-May-09 13:22:15

I love my Bee but agree with the problems womma has had. However, they have fixed the brake problem with the new model and, if you have an older model, you can go onto their website and order brackets to fix the problem. It is very much an urban pram though! Brilliant for public transport.

fucksticks Wed 20-May-09 13:24:55

i love mine, had it 15 months and no problems at all

womma Wed 20-May-09 13:44:06

Really Skimummy? I might have a look at their website to see the brackets, but then it means shelling out more money to fix a fault, iyswim.
Bugaboo seem to be good in that they take on customer feedback and make changes, but my pram is new and the brakes have been crap from the start (as they were on the previous Bee we had), I just hold on to the pram for dear life instead! The lady at John Lewis told me I needed to clean the brakes with WD40 because dust particles jam the brakes up and cause them not to lock effectively...
Fucksticks, I'm glad you've had no problems with yours. It's obvious there are lots of happy Bee owners out there because otherwise they wouldn't be so popular.

Skimummy Wed 20-May-09 14:04:39

womma, look under Bee FAQs (under Service on the Bugaboo website) - there is a question about brakes and then a link to requesting the brackets. You will get them free of charge - am just in the process of doing this myself but need to figure out when we bought the Bee first...

Let me attempt a link to the form:

womma Wed 20-May-09 14:19:24

Skimummy, you are a marvel! Thanks very much xxx

Chezbo Wed 20-May-09 15:26:55

Oh well I ordered the buggy last night because my husband finally agreed to let me have it (didn't like the price) so I thought I would order it asap before he changed his mind! My baby is only 14 weeks old and he isn't impressed that I'm not keeping my mamas and papas pram longer! Men!

womma Wed 20-May-09 17:31:05

Good luck Chezbo, hope you like the pram. Are you on your second pram now too then?

sammysamsam Fri 22-May-09 00:02:45

arggh! dunno if you knew- but Mothercare are doing a 10% off promo for the Bank Holiday Weekend.. I'm sure the code would've worked with this promo.. cancel order, and reorder with the extra dosh off!

Chezbo Fri 22-May-09 08:56:14

Thank you I have just re-ordered it! I have got £92 off now in total! The code did work with it! I ordered the baby nest first time but I have been trying to find out what age it lasts until and couldn't find anything so decided to re-order with the footmuff instead. What a bargain I've got, I'm over the moon! Does anyone know what Mothercare are like for returns? Can I take my first order back to the store to return it as its still not arrived?!

Chezbo Fri 22-May-09 09:16:41

Yeah I am on my second pram sammysamsam! I have the pilko prammette which I will use for a few more weeks but I really wanted a buggy that faces me so I will save the other as a spare for when she's a bit older. I only paid £150 for it though as it was on offer in Mamas and Papas so its not so bad that its not being used. My mum is going to look after her when I go to work so she needs on that she can get on a bus easy and the pilko is a bit bulky.

womma Sat 23-May-09 23:23:58

Very pleased to report that the brake brackets that Skimummy mentioned really do work - my pram now stops and will not budge, what a massive improvement! If anyone doesn't have them, follow the link and order them they are utterly fab. Thanks again Skimummy, you star xxx

cacaolat Fri 14-Aug-09 20:44:36

thank you skymummy I have just ordered the brackets....

TheMailIsShit Fri 14-Aug-09 20:53:52

I've had a lot of prams, seen the Bee around and it looks tiny, and as though it'd break if you went over a bit of rough ground.

I don't know how old it lasts until but I find small wheels and a large child a bad combo. In afct small wheels and a small baby also a bit crap, as they throw their arms with every bump.

looks stylish but honestly, impractical. That's from someone without one though smile

EyeballsintheSky Fri 14-Aug-09 21:18:40

I am on my second Bee as I sold my first one and regretted it blush. The new brakes made a hell of a difference for a start. DD is 19 months old, average size and still has loads of room. It's so nippy I love it and she sleeps really well in it. Am keeping it for a potential dc2. Should be nice and snug with the nest in

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