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I need to colour my hair - what with, please?

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Janh Wed 04-May-05 14:23:44

Having seen JoolsToo's glorious "medium blonde" (ahem) hair in her pic last night I've decided I'm fed up with my grey-and-yellowish-white dishmop head.

My own hair used to be basically mousy when it last had any colour, so that's what my colouring goes with - recommendations please for

a) a product that really does cover grey regardless of shade and texture

b) a colour that suits mousy colouring

(not much to ask!)


fastasleep Wed 04-May-05 14:25:00

Just don't use natural henna! Eugh.

MarsLady Wed 04-May-05 14:27:19

So we're not talking weird dyes then, beetroot, teabags etc? lol

Janh Wed 04-May-05 14:28:58

Thanks for that, fa! (I wasn't going to anyway but it's always useful to know these things )

Janh Wed 04-May-05 14:30:34

Weak tea (with milk) would be a nice look don't you think, ML?

JT said hers was Belle Color so I guess I want that sort of thing.

Tetley Wed 04-May-05 14:32:51

It may be worth going to the hairdressers to have it done properly first time.

Other than that, I use the L'Oreal Excellence ones - which have always been fine & are easy to use.

MarsLady Wed 04-May-05 14:41:09

Too be honest Jan, I'd be no good as I shave my head and have no hair to speak of (well currently a little bit but need to shave it off again)

Fio2 Wed 04-May-05 14:45:12


JoolsToo Fri 06-May-05 17:11:33

Jan - can't believe I missed this

really my hair is not the colour it appeared to be. I too, am originally mousey and although its colour is called Medium Blonde to me its light brown - there's no red there at all - honest! (Belle Color is one of the cheapest too!)

Janh Fri 06-May-05 17:37:26

Tetley, I used the l'Oreal one, thanks for recommendation - it calls itself light ash blonde, has come out sort of pale beige but I like it a lot!

Mars, is your head really shaved? (You had hair in that picture you posted, didn't you?) Must be dead easy to manage!

Jools, too late - I did it yesterday. But thanks again for providing the urge to do it, it looks great (even though the kids didn't think I'd done it yet !)

JoolsToo Fri 06-May-05 17:38:51

do I get to see it then?

(I already know the answer!)

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