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can you buy book shelfs/stands like they have in schools?

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cheesesarnie Thu 14-May-09 22:32:42

do you know what i mean?they fold out and theres sometimes a wire or similar to keep books in.i cant explain!grin

if anyone knows what on earth im on about-can you buy them if your not a school?

EachPeachPearMum Thu 14-May-09 22:35:28

vertbaudet and GLTC do them- though maybe with a wooden strut rather than a wire...

ilove Thu 14-May-09 22:37:23

Yes I had two of them that fastened to the wall...they were a pita tbh...gave them away on freecycle

cheesesarnie Thu 14-May-09 22:38:36


really ilove?

ilove Fri 15-May-09 09:31:04

Yes really!

crokky Fri 15-May-09 09:37:47

My DS has this one - I really like it as we haven't got space for anything bigger - it is only a few cm deep. )

cheesesarnie Wed 20-May-09 22:51:53

thats lovely!just what im looking for!thankyou!

Eemas82 Fri 22-May-09 15:54:08

Are these any good for you? =tidy+books

cheesesarnie Mon 25-May-09 16:14:08

they are brilliant!thanks for link.i like the natural ones.

my bookcase will have to go on hold for a bit though as money is tight!

mejon Mon 25-May-09 17:22:03

Have a look here or Google 'Tidy Books bookcase'. They are identical to the Mothercare and ToysRUs ones but a good £20 cheaper. I'm looking for a child's bookcase too but I think this one'll be too big for me.

wifeofdoom Tue 14-Jul-09 16:57:28

Can you put these behind a door? dd room is really small....

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