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Jane car seats....are they safe?

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robin3 Tue 03-May-05 11:21:38

Which magazine recently did a report about some of the carrycots that are sold as carseats....I think one was a Mamas and Papas or another well known make.
I have a Jane Rebel car seat which we merely used for DS and I now want to lend to a friend but only if it's safe. Anyone know whether these seats are any good?
Thanks in advance.

hub2dee Tue 03-May-05 11:24:25

There was an old thread on this. Search 'matrix' in text and you'll find it. HTH

robin3 Tue 03-May-05 11:58:35

Thanks. Have read and realise now that Which's definition of a carrycot is a flat bed so the rebel car seat is fine.

hub2dee Tue 03-May-05 12:18:49

Yeah, the Matrix was the flat one (actually, it is adjustable between upright and flat)... the Rebel was never questioned, and I think the people who read (and re-read) the somewhat unclear Which article concluded they weren't saying the Matrix was unsafe, just that they hadn't been tested since last time... yadda yadda.

JulieF Tue 03-May-05 21:59:51

The one that was slated for safety was the M & P one. The Jane one are known for being very very safe

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