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Recommend good buggy??? Silver Cross Compact???

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Butterflies4Brains Tue 03-May-05 10:38:08

Has anyone tried a Silver Cross Compact? I need to replace my Maclaren Quest which has lost a wheel. My ds is 1 now so don't need something for tiny babies, but would like a buggy with big wheels as live on a muddy lane and something that is light and fold small as bored of lugging around large prams. Any recommends?

vickiyumyum Wed 04-May-05 09:20:02

hi, i tested the compact for a baby magazine and thought that it was great, it came with footmuff, raincover and changing rucksack for £200, so good value too.
i have it for sale if you are interested!

Butterflies4Brains Wed 04-May-05 10:45:49

Ooh yes, I'm very interested. Where abouts do you live? Would you be happy to post it, if it's too far to collect? What kind of condition is it in? Are the wheels big enough to cope with a bumpy (untarmaced) lane? And what colour scheme is it? Sorry for all the questions...

vickiyumyum Wed 04-May-05 14:57:59

not at all. i live in Reading, Berkshire. is till have the box that it came in so postage should be easy, but not sure about the costs obviously depend on where you live!
i actually have 2 of them as loved the buggy but preferred a different colour always meant to get round to selling it and just haven't done so so far. the grey one which is grey pinstrip and blue piping (metro?) is in almost brand new condition used it twice so looking for about £150. and the checked one (milan?) has had more use but is still immaculate am looking for about £110.
the wheels are fairly large and could cope with most terrain, i'm sure that an untarmacced lane wouldn't be a problem.
you can contact me directly through contact a talker at the top of the page (on same line as useful stuff) by putting in your contact details and my nickname.

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