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Does anyone else's Kiddy carseat wobble? Help!

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sjp0408 Mon 11-May-09 13:57:00

Hi everyone,

We've just bought a Kiddy Infinity Pro carseat (the group 1 one) for DD, now 13 months (she's small!). We had to buy it over the Internet as there's no-one anywhere near us who supplies them. I know they say get it properly fitted, but we took a punt on the fact that we have three cars, so hopefully it should fit at least one, and two of the three cars are BMWs, so surely a German car seat would fit.

Well, it arrived really promptly, looks great, and DD liked sitting in it when we tried fitting it in the car. Only thing it, DH is concerned that the seat wobbles. Less so in the Corsa, more so in the BMWs. My thoughts were that as the belt isn't really anchoring the carseat in in the same way as traditional designs, it might not matter?

Just rang the shop who supplied it (Lesters Discount Nursery World in Manchester if you're interested). They were very helpful and basically confirmed what I thought: because the belt isn't anchoring the carseat in, but going across the child and the seat, it's ok to have a bit of movement, just like an adult can move under a seatbelt. The man I spoke to even said that the Kiddy would be a seat they would recommend for the older of our two BMWs, which has buckety seats and seatbelts that come from the middle and buckle in at the edge. He said that there hasn't been a car that they haven't been able to fit a Kiddy in.

But what if Lesters are just fobbing me off?

(Our cars are a BMW 5 series Touring T reg, BMW 3 series Coupe L reg, Vauxhall Corsa X reg.)

Any help much appreciated!!

ilovehenryboy Thu 18-Jun-09 11:00:04

yep just got one and it appears to wobble a bit too - in a corsa. I am going to get it checked by our council who check the fitting of seats... waiting for someone to call me back to arrange. How have you got on with it?

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