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Freaky doll on ebay!

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tortoiseshell Sun 01-May-05 21:59:58

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this - thought someone was auctioning off their baby!

fuzzywuzzy Sun 01-May-05 22:02:27

there are loads of them, apparantly they are 'collectors' items. Make my skin crawl, I find the descriptions for the dolls rather creepy too.....

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 01-May-05 22:03:07


Thats too scary!

That could be a real baby

pleaserewind Sun 01-May-05 22:04:58

urgh, thats weird

sallystrawberry Sun 01-May-05 22:05:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilsmum Sun 01-May-05 22:06:27

they are very weird, i have seen them before but only on ebay...very strange lol

colditz Sun 01-May-05 22:07:06

I could not have a doll like that in my house, and certainly couldn't let my child play with it. I don't even think I could leave it upstairs on its own!

It looks far too real, far far too real!

whymummy Sun 01-May-05 22:07:39

he's got real eyes from the USA!!!!

Norty Sun 01-May-05 22:10:08

Do ou think you could buy one, then claim 12 months maternity leave from work??
(worth thinking about....)

sallystrawberry Sun 01-May-05 22:10:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juniperdewdrop Sun 01-May-05 22:13:06


I clicked on her feedback score to see if she'd sold anymore and the last one went for £122. It's called Jessica and has it's eyes closed but looks even more realistic than William.

gingerbear Sun 01-May-05 22:13:12

Who buys them??

juniperdewdrop Sun 01-May-05 22:13:48


You give it a go first and I'll follow pmsl

lilsmum Sun 01-May-05 22:14:17

SS..have you seen the price so far on that one? !! why would you want one of them?

Hulababy Sun 01-May-05 22:17:09

This picture of William is so scary and real.

They sell for hundreds of pounds all the time. They make me shudder.

juniperdewdrop Sun 01-May-05 22:18:21

OMG jenna rose looks toooooo real

juniperdewdrop Sun 01-May-05 22:19:12

how do they make them?? I've never seen anything like it?

MarsLady Sun 01-May-05 23:17:22

so tortoiseshell, will you be bidding?

jodee Sun 01-May-05 23:34:27

jenna rose has a 'beating heart'! Much, much too lifelike.

rogan2001 Sun 01-May-05 23:43:02

OMG these dolls are so creepy, reminds me of that old film with the waxworks.

juniperdewdrop Mon 02-May-05 00:02:43

I'm off to bed now to have nightmares

Satine Mon 02-May-05 08:14:39

Do you think they're bought by poor desperate people instead of real babies? So disturbing...

Mud Mon 02-May-05 08:23:48

ewwwwwwww jenna rose is now at $330 and jenna rose cannot be held by people with pacemakers fitted because of the strong magnets PMSL I find that incredibly freaky

misdee Mon 02-May-05 08:29:06

i know of someone who has one. she bought it after her baby was still born. apparently it looks like her baby did. she keeps it in her bedroom in its own moses basket.

giraffeski Mon 02-May-05 08:35:55

Message withdrawn

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