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bronze Wed 06-May-09 13:58:31

?Sorry people I know this is products but she seems to be here a lot

mrsleroyjethrogibbs do you mind if I ask you something? <thinks shes stuffed it MlJG says no>

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Wed 06-May-09 17:02:33

go ahead.....

bronze Wed 06-May-09 17:34:41

I did a search on your village and came up with you. We're looking at moving either there or Reepham which is where my inlaws live.
Is there anything for preschoolers in C. a playgroup or the like? Sorry for bothering you but my inlaws keep saying they'll check and haven't and I wasn't sure how else to find out then saw that you lived there on a general mn search so thought it was worth asking
Thanks smile

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Wed 06-May-09 22:05:50

LOL aha. I am worried that you did a search and came up with me...tell me more.

Right yes there is a playgroup in C every wednesday at the village hall. We all help run it, its kind of an excuse for us all to get togeather for a coffee and a natter. The HV attends it every first wednesday of each month for weighing babies etc etc.
Also there is the primary school obviously in C, but also by the end of the year there should be a pre-school starting. We have fought hard to get one going and it should be here shortly.
Reepham is lovely but obviously more expensive to buy a house in. The primary school is heavily over subscribed as is the preschool/nursery. Also they will only let children in to the playgroup run there ONLY if you live in reepham or the catchment area!!! Clearly us in C are not
Come along and see what you think though. When are you going to be moving?

bronze Wed 06-May-09 22:54:42

All I did was put C... into search and there were two posts both by you grin

I've had a look at the primary school stats etc and it seems pretty good. Specially impressed by its eco credentials or attempts anyway.
Preschool starting sounds fantastic. As you've said R. is more expensive but dh has been veering towards it. I've been more inclined towards C. but the lack of things for the little ones has been a sticking point so a preschool is really good news. Coffee and a natter sounds good to me too.

As C. seems like a nice village I don't think its worth losing out on house just to be in R. plus of course though I love my inlaws a bit of space would be nice. R. High School is one of the main reasons we're moving out that way (though its a few years yet) and thats still available whichever place we live in so we will have to see.
We'll be moving as soon as I finish decorating (postponed the last few weeks due to new arrival) and get the house on the market and sold so your preschool may be started before we even move.
Thanks for getting back to me its really helped

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Thu 07-May-09 07:14:27

congrats on your new arrival!!! I am awaiting ours any day now as we are a little overdue.
I am sure whichever decision you make it will be the right one. There are some lovely houses for sale in both places, although I appreciate that you might want a bit of space from the inlaws.

Let me know which you decide wont you?

bronze Sat 09-May-09 12:13:58

will keep a look out for your news

bronze Fri 26-Jun-09 16:21:37

well I never did see you post about your news. I'm assuming yo're not an elephant so gave birth a while ago now so congratulations.
We're still no closer to moving and DH doesnt like either of the houses in C that I like anyway. My favourite being the end one of the terrace on the village hall end of the high street.

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