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Where can I find a toddler/carrycot/pram seat ??

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soon2bemumof2 Sun 01-May-05 19:13:56

We're having another baby due it August and our daughter will be 20 months. We have seen someone with a seat which sits on top of a carrycot and attatches to the handles. The seat has a harness attatched and the back folds down when not in use. We have looked on the internet to no avail. Has any one has seen a seat like this or knows where to get one? Are they any good?

LIZS Sun 01-May-05 19:21:48

Some prams have them, as an optional extra - Emmajunga here ,Bertini here and a new Quinny 4 for example. You may not be able to get a universal one.

soon2bemumof2 Sun 01-May-05 19:44:23

The buggy we've got is by chicco but thanks for the sites LIZS at least its a start

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