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Does anyone know if ELC will be having a sale soon?

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TheYearOfTheCat Wed 06-May-09 12:36:04

I want to get my DD (4yrs) the ELC retro kitchen for her birthday. £125 seems like so much though!

Does anyone know when ELC start their sales?

technomum Wed 06-May-09 12:49:54

there's a 20% off voucher on the little stars yoghurt pack at the moment

buggylovinmummy Wed 06-May-09 13:35:44

If you go on their website and join the birthday club you recieve a 20 % off voucher every year about 6 weeks before their birthday. If its her birthday soon join now and you should still get one.

poopybaby Wed 06-May-09 14:09:12

they have a promo code: PRIMAB09, valid til 31st july which gives 10% off

TheYearOfTheCat Wed 06-May-09 16:06:07

Thanks all.

Baisey Thu 07-May-09 16:56:40

Birthday club takes about 8 weeks to process.
I'll keep this thread on "im watching" and let you know if the retro kitchen is on the sale list or not wink Sale wont be long now, we are just starting to get sale items in ready for it.

Bucharest Thu 07-May-09 16:58:33

£50 off outdoor toys at the an email through this morning...(up to it says)

TheYearOfTheCat Sun 10-May-09 19:54:04

Hey Baisey,
Sounds like you know what you are talking about! smile

Baisey Mon 11-May-09 08:24:17

Lol been working there for 9 years. We havent had the sale list in yet, but one thing I could say is muller little stars have got 20% vouchers on their packets, you can use these instore or online and they expire end of july so you have quite a bit of time.

Baisey Sat 06-Jun-09 21:00:51

TheYearOfTheCat, dont know if you are still interested but ELC sale starts officially on July 1st, wont have list till maybe a week and a half before that.

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