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Baby Swings, which is best? Big or little?

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elise1661 Tue 05-Mar-13 22:49:20

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

belltrick Sun 01-Aug-10 21:00:30

I have a graco one, cost about £100, it swings VERY fast, even no 1 setting is too fast, my dd has silent refulx and hates it. A couple of friends have tried it for their LO's at around a month old and haven't got on with it either. It is also quite big and bulky.

horsemadgal Fri 08-May-09 09:51:07

We have this one
It's fab. The legs fold so you can put it away, still tall though.

sazm Thu 07-May-09 16:46:22

lol,no the big one we had,it had a play tray but the little one had toys hanging on it,which i liked better,

mrsjammi Thu 07-May-09 09:07:16

Message withdrawn

HellHathNoFury Thu 07-May-09 08:15:48

Thanks so much all!

Did any of you miss not having a playtray on the smaller one?

LittleMissNorty Wed 06-May-09 21:34:52

I've got a fisher price aquarium one and its portable enough to chuck in the boot of the car when you visit friends for lunch and you don't have to worry about holding them / leaving in the car seat. smile Its also got lights on it.

mrsjammi Wed 06-May-09 21:30:59

Message withdrawn

sazm Wed 06-May-09 21:28:19

lol,we had the fisherprice aquarium one for our second and it was lovely,the music was nice too,
we had the linkadoos one this time and it was nice,cheaper than the aquarium one but not as good quality,

HellHathNoFury Wed 06-May-09 19:01:47

sazm which one did you get?

Space isn't a huge issue for us but if there is very little difference in functionality between the two I would rather go small... because I am am minimalist control freak if nothing else grin

sazm Wed 06-May-09 15:44:29

we had a big one first time around,but it was SO big and bulky and didnt fold,
second time around we got a little one,and i loved it,it was so eaasy to fold up so we used to take it with us if we were visiting,
space was a bit of an issue with us so it was great having a little one,we had a toddler and dog and neither bothered with the baby being low down,

chequersmate Wed 06-May-09 09:27:48

We had one of the big ones, it was great. Can't comment on the little ones but we've got a dog so I second the comment about keeping her out of the dog's way (not that the dog even noticed we had a new baby hmm)

Ohforfoxsake Wed 06-May-09 09:24:59

Obviously not. Just us.

We are the only ones who care enough.


HellHathNoFury Wed 06-May-09 08:00:50


Any other views?

Ohforfoxsake Tue 05-May-09 20:12:13

A big one to keep LO off the floor and away from toddler's poking fingers and licky dogs.

Saying that, toddler will make baby go "WHHHHhhhhhEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee" a lot and very very fast. Perhaps put the swing inside the play-pen? grin

Umlellala Tue 05-May-09 20:09:43

We had a smallish one - pink, ice-creams, Graco one, cost about £40iirc... and for the times dd fell asleep in it (used a beanbag to prop her up still) was worth every penny. But only had it for about two months, and forgot to get it out of the loft this time round 'til ds was too big blush

If you live anywhere near us (N16, London), you can have ours for a tenner (if I can persuade dh to find it grin)

HellHathNoFury Tue 05-May-09 20:01:46

Hello Ladies

I am in the market for a baby swing!

I don't want to spend a fortune and will most likely get a second hand model, and I am not after anything too gimmicky, I just want something that WORKS and get bump out the way safely while I need to cook dinner/stop DS wrecking the house holding a sharp knife/do a pee.

Form what I can see they come in 2 main sizes, big ones with a play tray/mobile (like this) and smaller ones with an open top (like this).

Space is not really an issue, but function is - does anyone have any experience/advice?
Did anyone buy a big/small one and wished they'd bought the other? Why?

Thank yooouuuuuuu! grin

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