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Ikea blackout blinds - can they be cut to size?

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norktasticninja Tue 05-May-09 07:34:09

The windows that I need blackout blinds for are 196x144 and 98x144, the nearest sizes available are 200 wide and 100 wide. Does anyone know if these blinds can be cut to size?

pottycock Tue 05-May-09 07:35:48

Yes they can smile

pottycock Tue 05-May-09 07:38:18

There's a little set of instructions that comes with them - I'd recommend leaving them a bit wide as we cut ours quite neatly and they let the light in at the sides now!

norktasticninja Tue 05-May-09 07:40:26

Brilliant, thanks for the tip!

newshoes121 Sat 11-Jun-11 18:37:14

Yes they can, you use a pair of scissors for the fabric and a hack saw to cut through the tube. You can also do what I did and get the supplier to do it for you. I got mine here

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