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pampers sun cream wipes: good or bad?

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Frenchy72 Thu 28-Apr-05 14:35:35

Hi everyone! I used the pampers sun wipes last year in Spain for my baby son because they are very convenient but I don't think that they work well. Although they are ind.30, my baby had a tan! (no burn) . yet he was hardly exposed because the sun hits so hard in spain. Another mum later said that she thinks these wipes are no good. what do you think? have you tried those? thanks

tiddlypom Thu 28-Apr-05 14:38:25

I have them on hand for dd who sometimes throws a wobbly and won't have the usual stuff put on her. So for me they're a useful back-up for a fusspot. I didn't ahve a problem with her burning but didn't use them that often and only in the UK.

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