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new mamas and papas "pulse" buggy

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bagpussmice Thu 28-Apr-05 13:22:15

anyone got one of these - I saw someone with one today and it looked fab! Looking for something lightweight for our hols this year.. but must be comfortable enough for 18/19 month old to sleep in during the day.... any comments very welcome (also do you know how much it costs?)...

angelp Thu 28-Apr-05 13:28:06

£89 on website. Don't know anything about it but looks similar to McClaren Techno so would be good to hear comparisons. I am looking for similar thing but might have to borrow due to cost. Although Mothercare Jive is £35 and apparently lies back too. Just don't know how far

hotmama Thu 28-Apr-05 13:29:49

Bought mine for hols later in the summer. It lives in the back of my car and is great for quick jaunts around shops etc.

Really like it, comes with a rain cover and has a little zippy pocket which is great for chucking in keys etc - also has a reasonable basket underneath. Also like the carry handle on the frame - just the thing for carrying on planes/buses etc when on holiday

Got mine from John Lewis for £85 - stock item.

Def recommend getting one.

hotmama Thu 28-Apr-05 13:36:54

I think the Pulse is practically the same as the Maclaren. I just didn't like all the Maclaren writing on the buggy - thought the Pulse looked a little more understated - just personal choice though.

angelp Thu 28-Apr-05 13:40:11

And also EVERYONE hs Maclaren! Thanks for commects will go look in more detail

bagpussmice Thu 28-Apr-05 16:25:38 has the pulse for 78.99 with free delivery!

vickiyumyum Thu 28-Apr-05 19:48:12

can def recommend the pulse. used to have a maclaren techno but car was broken into and they stole techno and car seat, probably cos not anything else to steal. wasn't covered on insurance so didn't get any money for it. didn't really want to pay out £160 again for the techno even though i loved it, so reluctantly brought the pulse, but now love that even more than the techno!
great value for money, all the trappings of a techno, but half the price (arguably the techno does have slightly more padding, which would be significant if was for a newborn but for a toddler more than adequate)
i haev highly recommended this buggy on other threads regarding the techno and pulse.
you have the added bonus now of choosing red or black whereas when i brought it they only had black in stock.

bagpussmice Fri 29-Apr-05 18:26:44

vickiyumyum - do you think a toddler (a small 18 month old) would be comfortable having a daytime nap in the buggy? I went and had a look at one last night - but without dd... it looked fine to me...
when we go on hols to france in June she will prob. have her daytime nap in the buggy when we are out and about... (she always has her nap in a pushchair at home in the garden... so is used to sleeping in a pushchair- I'm just not sure if the pulse is comfortable or big enough?)????

vickiyumyum Mon 02-May-05 15:37:47

oops just seen your message!
i would say that yes it is more than comfortable for them to sleep in. my ds is 3 and has no problem sleeping in it, in fact i have the opposite problem trying to stop him from falling asleep in it on the walk home from the childminders after work!
my ds is quite big/tall for his age (wears age 5 clothes for the length) and he has planty of room in the buggy. His lazy older brother (7) has been known to try and sneak into when william is walking.
i will be taking ours to cornwall and crete this year.

hamster Mon 02-May-05 16:38:24

hi bagpussmice, I got one of these earlier this year for my ds who was, at the time, 6 months old.
I find it easy to manouvere, fold down and it's also really light. It has reclining positions, so that the baby/toddler can sleep in it comfortably,and the rain hood(not that you should need it on holiday though!)is really easy to put on too.
Plus it makes a great change to all those Maclarens out there!

bagpussmice Mon 02-May-05 19:55:14

thanks all - I have just ordered one - it's coming next week..

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