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Food Processors - recommendations please!

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pacinofan Wed 27-Apr-05 12:53:25

Hi, I want to buy a food processor and would appreciate any recommendations/advice before I buy. Have seen one on offer at Boots online, the Kenwood multi FP486, which looks ok.

We don't have a large kitchen or much workspace free, so one that isn't bulky is important. Also need one that's idiot-proof so I don't have to wade through a manual every time I need to use it. Oh, and don't want to spend a fortune either! Don't do loads of 'fancy' cooking but so many recipes call for one I thought it's about time we invested.


NotQuiteCockney Wed 27-Apr-05 13:49:22

What sort of thing do you need to do? I have a food processor, but barely ever use it - I mostly just use my hand blender, which has a small food processor thingy.

I only use my food processor to make carrot cake, as grating that many carrots drives me bonkers.

pacinofan Wed 27-Apr-05 14:02:25

Hi there, things like making cakes, dough for pizza, and whizzing stuff together to form a paste i.e for a curry.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 27-Apr-05 18:05:16

I don't know about pizza dough, you do need a proper mixer for that, I think, but for cakes and pastes and stuff, a hand-held blender will totally do the job. They take less room, and are cheaper (I think?) than a regular food processor.

I have a Braun. It's one with a metal shaft, which is a bonus, as you can put it right in a hot (not boiling) soup, and blend it right there. Nearly all of it goes in the dishwasher. I've had it for more than 3 years, used it at least a few times a week, and it's holding up reasonably well.

My experience of a food processor hasn't been great. We have a big Kenwood one, and it's fine, but there are just so many bits to put together and take apart and wash and so on. And it takes up a lot of room, about the same as a toaster oven.

Kelly1978 Wed 27-Apr-05 18:14:21

pacinofan - that's my food processor!! I bought it about 6 months ago, and have just been using it to knock up a load of baking. I don't have a lot of space neither, and I found the compact design really handy.
I've used it for bakign and cooking and it's been excellent all round so far. It's a little stiff at first to put together, but then it's simple enough and pretty powerful. The only thing I haven't tried out is the liquidiser.

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