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Bedside cots

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bluebear Mon 21-Apr-03 12:09:43

I'm expecting baby number 2 in October, ds1 is still in a cot which is very old and rattly and I have never got on with it. I could move him into a bed and use his cot for the new baby but I've had my head turned by the idea of a new bedside cot.
It's very tempting to think I could do the night-time feeds and then put baby back into it's own sleeping area without getting out of bed (I can't sleep with baby as I'm too scared of crushing it).
Anyone got thoughts on how useful bedside cots really are?

tamum Mon 21-Apr-03 12:32:22

Fab, fab, fab (are my thoughts). We got one when ds was 9 months and was still waking regularly, used it again for dd- she always slept well but it was great for night feeds, I hardly had to open my eyes. I'm a bit of a fan as you'll realise!

Claireandrich Mon 21-Apr-03 21:53:05

We love our bedside cot. DD hated her crib when she came home and refused to go anywhere near it. At 2 weeks the cot arrived, we set it up and she slept all night in her bedside cot, with a nice chunky mattress, oput up close to my side of the bed. She would sometimes stretch out and try to hold my hand (very sweet!) and it made night feeds very easy. After a while, I put the side half up, then fully up. Then moved the cot to the end of our bed where she slept happily there on her own most nights.

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