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eczema sleepsuits. where to buy?

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misdee Tue 26-Apr-05 21:50:31

i usually buy the dd's sleepsuits from cotton comfort, but the mittens seems a bit small now the girls are older and use their hands more in the morning etc, so is there another palce i can but sleepsuits with mittens swen in for 5yr olds. must have flat seams and 100% cotton.

misdee Thu 28-Apr-05 14:40:28

please anyone?

popsycal Thu 28-Apr-05 14:43:36

i saw some somewhere...let me see...

popsycal Thu 28-Apr-05 14:45:08


popsycal Thu 28-Apr-05 14:45:47

\link{ another}

popsycal Thu 28-Apr-05 14:47:00


popsycal Thu 28-Apr-05 14:47:26

bugger - three different links..cut and paste the first two...

misdee Thu 28-Apr-05 14:50:41

thank you, ezcema clohting site is cotton comfort tho. may try just the leggings with dd1 who is refusing the mittens, thencoming into my room hakfway through the night say she has scratched. grrrr.

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