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Tesco or Asda for children's duvet cover?

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mckenzie Tue 26-Apr-05 19:51:50

I only have time tomorrow to go to either Asda or Tesco but not both and I need a new duvet cover for DS who is nearly 4.
Which store shall I go to? Anyone know what either of them are currently selling in the way of duvet covers by any chance?

BubblesDeVere Tue 26-Apr-05 19:52:50

Asda, I got one there for dd2 and it is beautiful, all pinks etc, and I know that they do boys duvet covers for less than 8.00 and they have space or football themes.

SecondhandRose Tue 26-Apr-05 19:55:26

Nice ones in Asda, cheap but quality not great.

darlingbud Tue 26-Apr-05 19:55:42

I got mine from ASDA. For boys I don't know anything more than the space or football theme mentioned by BDV.

Not seen Tesco ones so can't help there - sorry

BubblesDeVere Tue 26-Apr-05 19:56:04

At the minute they have footie, cars, space and cars for 4.87 each.

Here is the Cars

maddiemo Tue 26-Apr-05 19:57:34

I have got the boys trucks and cars duvet cover and curtains. Mine have washed up really well. I would say that they are pretty good for the price. Would buy from the range again.

BubblesDeVere Tue 26-Apr-05 20:01:36

Here is the space

mckenzie Tue 26-Apr-05 20:02:46

thanks very much guys! Asda it is then me thinks.

mckenzie Wed 27-Apr-05 09:04:35

any other thoughts before I set off this morning please?

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