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Outdoor mats???

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FLIER Tue 26-Apr-05 17:26:08

I've been frantically searching for outdoor safety mats for my toddler son to use.
We have a concrete jungle in our back garden and I'd rather have some thick mats outside to surround perhaps a slide and his ball play pit type thing.
Does anyone know where I can get mats suitable for this?


SoupDragon Tue 26-Apr-05 17:32:14


Norty Tue 26-Apr-05 17:35:44

<crashes thread - SOupy, we need your wit & experience on "MN thread cliches"......>

AngelCakeUmm Tue 26-Apr-05 17:41:08

Flier, I was looking for these is well as my ds loves his slide but we have a concrete back garden so i was looking for a mat for the end.
The only ones i have seen are in toys'r us and they come in 2 different sizes the smaller was about 11 quid and the larger about 20 quid maybe go and look at there site? Do you have toys'r us nr you?
Hope this helps

FLIER Tue 26-Apr-05 17:52:58

thanks soupdragon these look good.

Angelcake I tried toysrus, but couldn't see anything. Can you tell me what search term you used? - or what the description of the mats is?

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