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Moses Basket - New Linen, can it be bought

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AliP Sat 19-Apr-03 22:25:59

Hi - I have been lent a moses basket and the orignal frilly bits that went with it but because of their age the elastic has gone and they look a little tatty and outdated.
Does anyone know of anywhere where you can buy just the material linings and hood etc. I've tried Mothercare, John Lewis and a small retailer but with no luck so far! Also done a web search but still no joy. (Only thing i have found is instructions on how to make my own!)
(Or is it cheaper to buy whole thing new as I've already had to buy a new mattress?)
Any body out there solved the problem?

jasper Sat 19-Apr-03 22:49:36

AliP all I can advise is stick with the tatty frilly bits as babies outgrow moses baskets before you can blink!

crazynow Mon 05-May-03 17:23:10

Hi all, I agree with jasper. I was given one and had to buy a new mattress and I found my son was only in it for 2 wks and then moved on to a cot. I am expecting no. 2 and will use the same one again, tatty bits an'all!

tamum Mon 05-May-03 18:06:12

I guess it depends whether you want something to look very pretty, or just to be functional. I had the same thing when my ds was a baby. I just took the tatty cover off, and put a lacy cot blanket under the mattress and then up over the sides, so the scratchy bits were covered up. Obviously you'd want to be certain that the blanket couldn't fall on the baby's face, but as the others have said, they only get used for a few weeks so it's really not worth spending lots of time and effort on it.

Ghosty Mon 05-May-03 21:36:23

My lovely mum ... bless her ... made new covers for ours ...
She took the old and tatty one off and pulled it apart to see how it was made and then made a new one ...

SofiaAmes Tue 06-May-03 00:21:14

Yes, I was lent a moses basket. Both my children hated it and it was used only a couple of times for each of them. In fact, I don't think I've met very many people who did use theirs much.

AliP Tue 06-May-03 22:30:25

Thanks - I have actually taken the plunge and made some - cost me about a £5 for the material etc and some agonising as i tried to remember my school sewing lessons but v. proud of myself now.
The covers i had been given were over 10 yrs old so really wanted to replace them even if only for a few weeks. M/W is telling me that i am measuring large and that the baby feels large so probably will only be in moses basket for a couple of weeks!

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