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cute headscarves for baby girls

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nicky111 Mon 25-Apr-05 19:14:44

I've been looking for a little dress/headscarf set but can't seem to find one. Does anyone know where I can get them?

franch Mon 25-Apr-05 19:16:29

Try Vertbaudet?

Hulababy Mon 25-Apr-05 19:19:32

Monsoon do some adorrable head scarfs - DD had loads. They were not matching outfits though - I bought the dresses and headbands seperately.

Did have one lovely set from Vertbaudet, but that was a summer trouset set.

lilsmum Mon 25-Apr-05 19:35:46

asda, i got some last year and they have got them again this year, neutral-ish colours too so go with pretty much anything, and a bargain £2 for 2!!!

merglemergle Mon 25-Apr-05 19:36:26

Green baby do them

So do Spirit of Nature

blueteddy Mon 25-Apr-05 19:43:58

vertbaudet definitely do them. I have the catalouge & have seen them in there.

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