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Ceiling fan help advice needed come and give your opinion

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timmette Wed 15-Apr-09 17:11:28

It's been getting pretty warm in our house and we are thinking of putting ceiling fans in all the bedrooms - are they any cooler than a standing fan - what are the advantages - or not - anyone with one or had one - any opinions welcome thanks.

mommy6 Wed 15-Apr-09 18:46:07

I have got them in all the bedrooms and the living room.I love them,and yes a lot cooler then standing fan.

Divvy Wed 15-Apr-09 18:47:49

Yes, got one in my bedroom and have it on all night every white noise! .....until its having a tattling week hmm

Tortoise Wed 15-Apr-09 18:49:52

I have one downstairs and did have one in my bedroom until DS1 went into that room.
I love the one downstairs on a hot summer day/night.
Used to have bedroom one on all night in the summer.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 16-Apr-09 14:18:34

I really want ceiling fans but dh is adamant that they don't really work - are they easy to install? I'm pregnant and due in September so will be really hot in the summer and think a ceiling fan might be the answer. any recommendations for a good one?

Tortoise Thu 16-Apr-09 20:13:23

Mine wired easily into the existing light fitting. And were only cheap (£28 each i think) from Argos. Definatly worth having.

Only downside i had found was that the bulbs used to go quite often but i have now paid out a bit more for energy ones, so that isn't a problem anymore!

mine Please note my now XP chose them! I don't personally like this design lol!

Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 16-Apr-09 22:11:38

have asked dh but he says no cos he reckons he'd have to go up in the loft and dig through all of the layers of loft insulation sad. oh well.

Tortoise Thu 16-Apr-09 22:36:59

Why would he have to go through the loft? They fix to the ceiling and the wires are already there when the light fitting is removed(smae wires as light fitting).

How would i have one in the front room otherwise lol!

PurplePillow Thu 16-Apr-09 22:41:35

I have two in my living room and Trinity's dh installed them for me, only took half an hour for both grin

Think your dh is just looking for excuses not to have them hmmgringrin

Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 16-Apr-09 22:48:24

hmm, will discuss with him now hmm

Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 16-Apr-09 22:51:25

apparantly.. the ones you just attach to the ceiling are 'shit and barely turn round'. hmm. I'm pregnant - I will get my God damned fan!!! looking at argos catalogue now.. slightly concerned about it falling on my head in bed - any need to be worried? wink

Tortoise Thu 16-Apr-09 22:58:18

Mine attach to the ceiling and have 3 speed settings. Certainly whizz round at a good speed! grin
Been up for 4+ yrs so far and no sign of falling on my head lol!

mumonthenet Thu 16-Apr-09 23:25:12

We have one in our bedroom...tis very cool.

Ours is in centre of room so if it did fall it would only land on our feet! grin Would add it's been up for ten years and shows no sign of falling.

One minor irritation: when installing it did not occur to me or dh or electrician that the switch controlling it should be by the if we do want to switch it off in middle of night dh someone has to get out of bed.

mrsmaidamess Thu 16-Apr-09 23:26:12

OH GOD THEY ARE AWFUL LOOKING THINGS! Don't do it. Leave the windows open if you get hot, buy an air conditioning unit but do not fit those on yuour ceiling.

mumonthenet Fri 17-Apr-09 00:11:11

well, ahem yes, Mrs M I tend to agree the Argos ones are cheap but not exactly nice looking.

Mine is completely white, not a lightbulb in sight (what is the point of the lights?) and no brass or cane. I think it's made by Solac but cannot find a pic of it on the net and cannot go in there to check make as DH is in there snoring head off.

timmette Fri 17-Apr-09 10:50:38

That's it am definately getting one - it has already been 25 degrees here. And no they just attach were the ceiling light is no need to dig about in the loft etc. The have remotes too so I can be all geeky from bed -hehe

mrsmaidamess Fri 17-Apr-09 13:25:53

Why would anyone want aeroplane propellers in their ceiling?

timmette Fri 17-Apr-09 13:35:34

Because it's too hot otherwise - and air conditioners I find it really hard to sleep well with.

Earlsdon Mon 14-Jan-19 15:52:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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