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TV/Broadband/phone - which provider?

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hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 13:37:06

Right, that's it. I'm FED UP of paying Telewest an obscene amount of money each month for cable TV, broadband internet and unlimited phonecalls. And I'm heartily sick of seeing adverts for new customers to get the same as we're getting for half the pigging price!!!

BUT, I want the same things, just cheaper. I've seen this one with Home Choice and am wondering about it - what do you think? It'll mean getting a BT phone line installed again (think there's a connection here, just needs switching on again).

BT also do a package, but I think there's a limit on their broadband useage, which is NOT something I'm prepared to do

Is there anything else? Have seen ads for bulldog is it? Or did I make that up?

Who provides your phone/internet connection/TV?

nikcola Mon 25-Apr-05 13:37:57

dont go with NTL they are pants!

nikcola Mon 25-Apr-05 13:38:27

dont telewest do all the 3 for £30 cant you ring them and complin!

Lucycat Mon 25-Apr-05 13:53:49

Ditto HM!!

I'm fed up of paying ntl, we seem to be lucky as we've not had any probs with our broadband, but the cable tv package drives me up the wall. We don't get half of the goody bits that SKY do. I am seriously thinking of getting a dish and the reason that we went with ntl in the first place is so that we didn't have to have a dish on the front of the house!!

I'll be watching this thread with interest!

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 13:55:22

Nikcola, yes, they do - but only for new customers! Bastards! What about their loyal customers?! Bastards, I tell you!

Wouldn't touch ntl with a bargepole - I've heard so many bad reports of them.

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 13:55:51

We've got NTL broadband (and an NTL line that hardly gets used except for business stuff LOL). BUT we've got the Sky Family Pack and BT for our main telephone number.

Lucycat Mon 25-Apr-05 14:02:10

Can I be very cheeky Gwenick and ask you how much you roughly pay a month.

We pay £24.99 for broadband and £41 for cable TV(ntl's family and SKY sports pack), our phone calls are about £10 a month (don't phone people much - spend most of my time emailing!!)

How does this compare?

munz Mon 25-Apr-05 14:05:05

we have bt phone £10.50 (plus calls) p/m
sky - £35 (world without sports package)
BB - Pipex 2MB connection for £33.99 p/m

any good?

mobiles r with 3 as well v v cheap network.

Lucycat Mon 25-Apr-05 14:15:32

Does bt still have a standing charge then for phone calls?

Seems a bit of a cheek! we only pay for the actual calls used with ntl - that might be because we have everything else with them too though.

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 14:20:18

I'm still of the opinion Home Choice would be the best for us, but am willing to be persuaded! I'm trying to slim down our outgoings! Watch out for more threads about life insurance and other such riveting subjects!!

serenity Mon 25-Apr-05 14:25:41

We've had homechoice since february and so far we've been really happy with it. We don't have much choice though as we can't get cable and would have to get planning permission for Sky.

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 14:44:00

Lovely! Nice to hear someone who has it is happy with it.

I need a BT line, don't I? Serenity, how much do you pay to BT? And how much is your Homechoice package? If you don't mind me asking!

hayleylou Mon 25-Apr-05 14:48:58

Have you tried they compare prices of company's in your area!!

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 15:37:42

No, but I will now! Thanks, Hayley

Gwenick Mon 25-Apr-05 15:43:37

Not sure exactly (DH pays the bills not me LOL).

But I think the basic family sky package (which has more than enough for us, even though we're 'heavy' TV viewers) is £19 a month.

NTL - I 'think' costs us around £19 a month - but someone else on NTL Broadband may be able to confirm this.

BT phone and NTL phone - haven't got a clue

serenity Mon 25-Apr-05 15:56:14

HM - not sure as Dh pays the bills

God, I sound like a 50's housewife. I'll post when I find the paperwork.

Pinotmum Mon 25-Apr-05 16:06:24

We've got a NTL package - phone, broadband and TV (inc sky sports) for £77.00 per month.

Pinotmum Mon 25-Apr-05 16:09:42

Forgot to say the phone is £15.50 pm which covers all national calls and only additional is mobile calls or premium rate numbers. I only call my dh's mobile from land land so we end up paying maybe £10.00 in addition to £77.00. It has defo saved us money.

Chuffed Mon 25-Apr-05 16:41:49

we get broadband from bulldog they have some good deals
Have sky £19 per month. Got one of those £1 connection with full package of movies sports etc but you actually can change your package after 1 month and downgrade so we only had it for 1 month at about £40 pm. Looked at homechoice but for the chanels that were important to us it would have cost more.
If you go with bulldog cat me then we both get a money voucher for referral.

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 16:59:45

We have broadband through AOL (I think that's gone down to £20). No cable here, Sky's family package is £19.50. BT monthly is c. £15 since we switched to and - c£5 a month each for all calls. Total £65.

I bet your obscene amount is less than that, hunker!

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 17:04:28

It's very similar, Jan

I like AOL for content, but not for price! And since I'm on here most of my online time I need not other content...!

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 17:04:48

Home Choice doesn't appear to offer Sky so we couldn't get it (I think Sky gets watched more than any other channel here )

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 17:06:50

I suppose as I don't have Sky already, I don't miss it!

serenity Mon 25-Apr-05 17:10:27

OK very roughly

2mg Broadband/TV/phone package is around £35 a month which includes all evening and weekend calls to normal UK landlines. We pay an extra £8pm for kid and music package, and are probably going to pay £5pm to have daytime calls included as well.

BT line rental is around £12.75, so in total we should be paying about £60.

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 17:11:04

The DSs watch Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle a lot - those would be sadly missed.

This is a Sky One Saturday:

06.00 STAR TREK: VOYAGER (Science Fiction Series) One Small Step
09.30 OLIVER BEENE (Comedy) Oliver's Best Friend
10.00 RELIC HUNTER (Action Series) Set In Stone
11.00 STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (Science Fiction Series) Hide And Q
12.00 STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (Science Fiction Series) Too Short A Season
14.00 STAR TREK: VOYAGER (Science Fiction Series) The Voyager Conspiracy
15.00 STAR TREK: VOYAGER (Science Fiction Series) Pathfinder
16.00 STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE (Science Fiction Series) The Forge
17.30 OLIVER BEENE (Comedy) Oliver's Best Friend
18.00 THE SIMPSONS (Animation) My Strummer Vacation
18.30 THE SIMPSONS (Animation) Treehouse Of Horror XIII
19.00 THE SIMPSONS (Animation) Today I Am A Clown
19.30 THE SIMPSONS (Animation) Marge Versus Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens And Gays
20.00 THE SIMPSONS (Animation) The Ziff Who Came To Dinner
20.30 FATHER OF THE PRIDE (Animation) One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend
22.00 ANGRY BRITAIN (Factual) Angry Britain 2
23.00 KIRSTY'S TV MELTDOWN (NEW) (Factual) Kirsty's TV Meltdown 12
24.00 FAMILY GUY (Animation) Fish Out Of Water
24.30 FAMILY GUY (Animation) Emission Impossible
01.00 SOUTH PARK (Adult Animation) The Red Badge Of Gayness
01.25 SOUTH PARK (Adult Animation) Are You There God, It's Me Jesus
01.50 EXTREMELY OUT OF CONTROL (Factual) Extremely Out Of Control: Jobs
02.40 RELIC HUNTER (Action Series) Set In Stone
03.30 STAR TREK: VOYAGER (Science Fiction Series) The Voyager Conspiracy
04.20 STAR TREK: VOYAGER (Science Fiction Series) Pathfinder

You can see the appeal for teenage boys!

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