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dishwasher virgin, who is lazy and cant search archives...too confusing

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Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 13:24:11

have the choice between hotpoint, indesit and bosch

bosch and indesit full size or slimline

having indesit washing machine, is it too anal to have matching dishwasher

pros and cons from the experts please, need to order it today

iota Mon 25-Apr-05 13:24:49

bosch fullsize

popsycal Mon 25-Apr-05 13:25:52

dont get sdlimline unless you really have to due to space

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 13:26:15

LOL, fio

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Apr-05 13:28:53

do NOT get indesit. just got rid of ours as it was useless & made things dirtier. now have bosch instead & it's great. slimline ones are more expensive i think, so go for full size if you've got space.

milge Mon 25-Apr-05 13:30:28

Bosch full size. 2 year manuf's guarantee also. Others have one year only.

sultana Mon 25-Apr-05 13:30:33

Go for full size. I have a slimline and need to put it on twice a day.

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 13:31:11

I have a dead basic Bosch fullsize, nothing to go wrong - does it matter if it's dead basic?

Probably the equivalent of this one

cod Mon 25-Apr-05 13:31:44

Message withdrawn

cod Mon 25-Apr-05 13:32:15

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 13:32:50

We have an Indesit washer-dryer and a slimline Bosch dishwasher. BUT if we had space, I'd have a full-size Bosch dishwasher.

Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 13:34:06

is it the classix one jan AAA rated?

Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 13:34:33

slimline and full size bosch are the same price on currys website

katzguk Mon 25-Apr-05 13:36:04

slimline dishwasher not as good as full sized - really want to replace ours!

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 13:36:06

It's AAB, fio.

Chandra Mon 25-Apr-05 13:37:06

I really don't know... I used to be true believer that Bosh was worth the extra expense until I heard a conversation between product engineers in the US saying that few people wanted to work for Bosh because it was a fundation with very few people that really cared and many just siphoning money out of the company if given the oportunity, the controls of quality were rarely followed to the letter, but they were still doing well due to a very effective advertising program.

However I have a hotpoint washing machine and I'm not completely happy with it, and had an indesit hob that didn't gave me any problems in the few months that I used it. I guess the only brand that I really respect is Miele, but then... I can hardly afford it

Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 13:38:05

oh yes so it is jan

crunchie Mon 25-Apr-05 14:07:49

Bosch without a doubt. Full size too. Also Bosch offer 2 yrs gaurentee as standard. Bosch as a company still have nearly 30% of the dishwasher market and I personally wouldn't go elsewhere. Get teh most basic model possible as you will only ever use one programme anyway!! Don't waste money on superdouper features unless you know you will use them, like programme delay or whatever.

Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 17:16:49

well i bought a boasch dishwasher but had to have a hoover washer, please dont tell me how crap they are

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 17:18:44

Why did you have to have a Hoover???

Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 17:23:45

it was the only one I could get with available stock

okay okay it was a silly decision i got fed up with all the no stock malarky and just found one that was in stock and had quick wash

oh help!

are they rabbash

misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 17:26:52

never had a problem with the hoover washer we had, tho did wear it out after 3yrs. the one i have atm (servis) lasted 2yrs. am now moving onto a beko lol.

JanH Mon 25-Apr-05 17:40:12

Oh, no, I just had visions of the shop person going "I have decided, fio, you're having this Hoover and that's that!"

Hope it will come soon for you!

Fio2 Mon 25-Apr-05 17:43:17

LO)l Janh that would have happened if I had gone to a shop, the computer is a much safer alternative

weird thing happened today, my plumbers had left my front door open, gggrr, it was flapping in the wind, i didnt realise as my handbag (thing) was hanging behind it. Anyway, someone rang the bell and this polish guy was standing there with pictures, he had a little note saying he couldnt speak english and would i buy one of his drawing for 18 and he had all these hideous sketches he had copied for me to buy. I nearly bought one, just because i felt guilty. Anyway that has nothing to do with washing machines or dishwashers, just needed to get that off my chest

Chandra Mon 25-Apr-05 17:46:32

I see, I can draw you a Bosh if that could help you to decide

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