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Baby city jogger mini - anyone have one?

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Jewelsandgems Mon 13-Apr-09 21:50:35

I have just sold my trusted P&T because we are not using it fully, and think the city mini jogger baby is nice - test drove it around today in the shop.

But, has anyone got one? How do you find it?

And very importantly, which colour? The red/black or the 'new' red which is red and cream? (is the colour easily washable?)

So basically help! Friend said the zia petite was also good, but reviews suggest otherwise...hmm

claret1980 Mon 13-Apr-09 22:05:13

Had a zia and it was rubbish. I want a baby jogger as well but will not pay the prices in the shops for them. I liked the last years colours, not sure about the new ones. Someone said they are stopping selling them online and Ebay have removed listings for them. Just something I heard.
I am hopefully getting a quest to use in the meantime but I still have my P&T.

bran Mon 13-Apr-09 22:14:36

I have a City Mini and I love it. I have the red/black colour. I did quite like the red/cream but I thought it would get dirty quite easily.

Good things:
Nice high handle bar
Very stable so you can hang things off the handle
Easy to push
Good if you have a long stride
Can access basket from the side (so it doesn't matter if the seat is reclined)
Fantastic to fold and unfold
Reasonably lightweight to carry
Quite roomy

Bad things (relatively minor):
The basket could be a little bigger IMO
When folded the pocket behind the seat is upside-down so loose things could fall out
The raincover is huge and a bit unwieldy, although probably quite sturdy

SweetApril Tue 14-Apr-09 10:25:55

All the good things that Bran says plus the recline is great, almost lies flat. I have red/black but I think the red/cream is lovely too (not sure about washability as haven't done that yet).

drlove8alltheeastereggs Tue 14-Apr-09 10:34:23

i got one (red and black toogrin) its the best buggy ive ever had, and ive had loads of buggys/prams. you can push it with one finger! fantastic . i like the raincover, it has a zip on it so you dont actually need to take it on and off if it stops raining, just unzip it!

bran Tue 14-Apr-09 12:36:38

If you need to hang things these work very well, although they have a slight tendency to snap if you put very heavy bags on them. My last pair went when DH (despite being told to put the milk in basket) hung a couple of shopping bags that had at least 6 litres of milk and juice in them. I'm going to try out this next time I need to carry something extra heavy.

laraeo Tue 14-Apr-09 13:02:06

I just got mine last week and love it. The raincover works really well and is very easy to put on/remove. I have the all black (the one request of DH when told we were getting a new buggy). I've also ordered the belly bar & parent console but they were on backorder and I'm still waiting for them. I wish we'd just gone the babyjogger route when we were originally stroller shopping. I don't see us getting another one - barring any unforeseen circumstance, of course wink.

Jewelsandgems Tue 14-Apr-09 14:25:51

Hi guys thanks so much for the very helpful replies (keep am coming!)

It does look like it is the black and red for me, though the red and cream looks so stylish (on the other hand, how stylish will it look with a massive mark on it, or a chocolate handprint!)

So, ok the red and black.

Or the red and cream.

As you can tell, I am still undecided.

Another question - footmuff? Did you get the babyjogger one or the maxicosi one?

Jewelsandgems Tue 14-Apr-09 21:30:50

I got the black and red, after thinking that the creme (though my favourite) would not look so hot with stain on it.

Anyway, totally love the new buggy, very light and agile, and the tiny fold means it can be slipped into a tiny spot in the cloakroom.

Thanks again for all your responses and if anyone is thinking of getting one, though expensive, I do recommend it.

Jojay Tue 14-Apr-09 21:33:52

I was lucky enough to get one when Argos reduced them to £65 and i love it - just sold my P&T too, and have put a buggy board on the BJCM.

The hood is the best thing IMHO - it's huge!

bran Tue 14-Apr-09 21:40:27

envy at Jojay. That was such a good price, I was sorry that I missed it. Although I did get mine at a slightly reduced price from Kiddicare, I notice they have them at the full RRP now. I guess the word must be out about how good they are so they don't need to be on offer.

Is there any point in getting a footmuff at this point JandG? If you do get one I would have thought it would have to be a Baby Jogger one as it would have to have an opening for you to grab the folding strap through it.

onelittlelion Wed 15-Apr-09 11:51:35

I have a buggy snuggle on mine and just raech underneath it to fold. The people who make custom stuff will make one witha slit in for you too. I really like mine too

Jewelsandgems Wed 15-Apr-09 14:20:18

Jojay I also love the hood and that the handle bar is so high. And definate envy at you getting yours so cheap. I looked in each argos store online and they have all sold out!

bran good point about the slit - I didn't even give that a thought. And I agree that maybe it is not worth getting a foodmuff at this time of year, but it was freezing this morning and Izzy ended up with my warehouse leopard print scarf wrapped around her legs! (she did look super cool though)

Will have a look at the buggy snuggle onelittlelion a custom one sounds good!

Jojay Wed 15-Apr-09 15:36:54

I've used a bog standard Mothercare cosytoes on mine and it's fine. I just push it to one side to get to the handle to collapse it. i think most ordinary cosytoes should fit.

onelittlelion Thu 16-Apr-09 07:43:41

Snunkie or Poshbugs definately do custom most things if not seen them already. Or maybe a liner and blanket now it's getting warmer? But anything would work really depending how much you want to spend! I am also v jealous of teh bargain Argos ones ato most seemed to end up on ebay for twice the price!

Jewelsandgems Fri 17-Apr-09 08:06:21

That is a good idea ew the blanket and liner. Do you know where I can get a stylish but warm blanket from? I don't want to just pop on a pinky fleecy one (and my leopard print scarf although not fit for the purpose did look cool) grin

onelittlelion Fri 17-Apr-09 18:47:12

Stay Put do blankets. I've got a black one but never clip it on I am never sure where to! Or any ofte people who make buggy stuff will make one for you - snunkie, poshbugs or chunkle munkle. On phone so can;t do lnks sorry. Someone is selling one on the for sale board too. You could prob get a leopard print one...wink

kiwiem Wed 03-Jun-09 12:47:58

Hi, would you recommend this buggy as an OK ride from birth? We need a lightweight option as in the city but want a comfy ride still for the baby. We had a 3 wheeler for first son and then went to a Mclaren but thought about trying this out. Also, is it light enough to take on holiday? Going to NZ in October to see family...thanks.

horsemadgal Wed 03-Jun-09 20:21:02

I wouldn't put a newborn in one. My son looks like a pea in one and it doesn't fully recline.

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