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Sunscreen and insect repellent for babies

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SenseAndIrritability Sat 11-Apr-09 08:38:40

I know this must come up constantly, but what sunscreen and insect repellent is OK for a five month old baby (who will be closer to six months when we are on holiday)? Am struggling to get my head around DEET, herbal, sunshades, and the rest... It shouldn't be THAT hard, should it?

hotcrosspurepurple Sat 11-Apr-09 08:42:54

the best thing would be to dress them in loose cotton clothes that cover the arms and legs, a sunhat and use a sunshade and forget about the creams for little babies

SenseAndIrritability Mon 13-Apr-09 08:44:16

Thanks Hotcross. Just wondering: that would sort out the need for sunscreen, but still best to use a lotion or potion to ward off insects, do you think?

purepurple Mon 13-Apr-09 08:52:20

personally, I would be very wary of using any potions or lotions on such a young baby

it would depend where you are going and how the 'natives' cope

Angnjosh Fri 07-Jan-11 15:45:37

I'm off to Egypt on Monday and have been looking for insect repellent for my 4-month-old boy.

Does anyone know: -
Is DEET safe for him to use? & any recommendations?
Is Anthisan safe for him - or is there something else better?

I don't have time to order something online so they have to be products on the high street.


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