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need new cord for small trampoline anyone help?????

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louee Sun 24-Apr-05 10:24:22

have just been outside to find that our small trampoline has snapped on the cord(elastic) my Ds aged 19 months likes to use it whilst his big sister is on her big trampoline!!! does anyone know where i can buy a new cord from????? its the purple and lime green trampoline from the old argos book!!!!

louee Sun 24-Apr-05 10:39:51

ok need help!!! now he's on his big sisters trampoline (its got a net enclosure) but arguments and fights are going to start !!! please!!!!!

bambi06 Sun 24-Apr-05 11:09:26

theres a company PB leisure (01237 426700) who supplies to toys r us and i`m sure to argos cos its the same trampoline as my dd by the sound of it, give them a call and tell them which trampoline you`ve got...size etc and they`ll send you a mat and rope..i got mine free of charge but i dont know whether it was because i`d only had it for 6 months ( fox chewed through it.. but i didnt tell them that!!) if you have trouble i might have a spare .. i`ll have to have a look and see what size it is as they sent me the wrong one initially. good luck

louee Sun 24-Apr-05 12:37:48

thanx bambi06 will give them a call in the morning!!!!!

bambi06 Sun 24-Apr-05 16:45:09

theres quite a few on ebay right now ..some going for 99 p so have a look..under trampolines and i know theres one on page 10 but ithink some before..theres about 5 so good luck

hovely Sun 24-Apr-05 21:07:29

hi louee
I posted something similar recently (but no replies..)
Someone recommended trying a yacht chandlers if you are anywhere near the sea; or a lorry depot (they use the cord on tarpaulins). My local Homebase say they do stock bungee cord but they didn't have any. I'm not convinced they have one thick enough.
My own question is - how do I tie the knots to make it safe? I have found some websites with animated knots, but i can't work out which ones to use.

Anteater Tue 26-Apr-05 01:38:29

We used the elastic rope that the 'taught liners' use (wagons) If you go to a local wagon depot, they shold let you have a few meters, they use masses of the stuff...

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