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vsmum Mon 06-Apr-09 20:17:54

Hi all,

I've heard a few things about other online baby sites and was wondering if anyone has had any experience, either good or bad, with

I really like the Babystyle Oslo cot bed and these guys have it for a lot cheaper than most.

Thanks for feedback.

risingstar Tue 07-Apr-09 18:17:38

Yes, I have used them for 2 biggish purchases and I found them really good, fast delivery and really good price-wise. Had an issue with a car seat I bought( not their fault as it was sealed in a box) and they arranged for it to be picked up and swapped really quickly, they bent over backwards!

PortAndLemon Tue 07-Apr-09 18:23:26

I used them quite happily at the start of last year.

strawberrybubbles Fri 10-Apr-09 17:48:02

Yes they r good, i feel sorry for online retailers, after all the bad press that the likes of twoleftfeet etc have had. I think we should put together a list of recommended sites that we have used. My recommendations are:

shhhh Fri 10-Apr-09 22:43:16

I would be careful with precious little one..

I ordered a pram from them last yr, it arrived damaged. I advised them and it took me ages to finally speak to them by phone and they never responsed to my email.

I returned the pram as advised and they made me wait for a full refund till the pram had gone via their inspection guy and then via the pram manufacturer....
I ended up going via citizens advice who supported me and advised me what the tell PLO.
It took about 2 weeks of too'ing & fro'ing till my money was finally refunded, and they admitted I was in the right and that I shouldn't have to wait...they said the problems had occured as they were in the process of changing their return procedures to make it problem free for customers so they didn't have to wait around like I did. idea if they are better BUT I didn't have a good experience with them.
I found it easy to contact them prior to placing the order then it was a nightmare.
I found it easier to send the same email billions of times. Think they got fed up of me tbh.grin.

IME,kiddicare are brill...tbh never heard anything bad about them.

shhhh Fri 10-Apr-09 22:43:46

Oh BTW, with precious little ones I found staff rude.

thepuddingchef Fri 10-Apr-09 22:46:46

I have nothing but good things to say about preciouslittleones. They have been very helpful, and no probs with two big purchases. Would def recommend. smile

Mamala123 Fri 10-Sep-10 11:34:11

Horrendous customer service. Having used several baby websites, I thought they would be ok also but NOPE. Car seat ordered in June for Jully delivery, by September and several chases we asked for a refund but as they REFUND YOU THROUGH PAYPAL, PAYPAL TAKE A FEE AND THEY SAY "TOUGH LUCK".

Tried to get them to refund the paypal fee and they say, not their problem as paypal dedcuted it.

Stated not in terms and conditions as says you get a FULL REFUND - had email now saying won't refund it.

Seems to me that as the order is cancelled, they don't care about retaining any goodwill.


Asked customer services manager if I could speak to her boss and she said no and to write in.

Lovely attitude - very upset and will never ever use them again.

NPkikn Thu 13-Jan-11 11:07:27

I found Precious Little Ones as the worst online site that I ever dealt with. I ordered the Babystyle Oyster travel system from them online in august as my baby was due in mid October. The reasons for choosing them were twofold: a) slidely cheaper than other stores and b) the delivery was due within 7-14 working dates from the order date. However, though the company was quick to get payment for the order on the same day that the order was made, the delivery was being delayed. I tried several times to call the company but always the telephone was engaged. Emails were rarely answered - though I did get an email two weeks after the order that said that the delivery was indeed within 7-14 working days. But nothing was delivered. Again more attemps to phone the store and again the telephone was engaged. I ended up writing to the MD complaining and someone from customer services replied promising to deal with my case. In mid october part of the order was delivered - better than nothing with the promise that the rest (carrycot) would arrive in early november. Despite this however in early november - by this time I gave birth and was very busy with my new baby - I received an email that said that my order was complete and nothing else was to be delivered - that is the carrycot was not part of my original order. Unfortunately I had no way to prove it as I did no print out what my order should have included. I spoke to the customer services manager who acknowledged that there were communication problems internally. I was given 10% of my payment back as a compensation. But certainly this was not sufficient to satisfy me. I did not find the customer service manager or any of the other staff sympathetic, intead I found them rude and will not recommend this store to anyone. The whole experience left me very distressed.

IcanandIwill Thu 13-Jan-11 11:15:03

Have personally had problems with them. All fine when the purchase is ok but terrible customer service and communication when something goes wrong and a real unwillingness to do anything about it.

auntilin Wed 16-Mar-11 23:06:40

ohh, i just wish i'd read this thread before!!

I am so upset with this company, they sent me a single buggy when i ordered a double! now they tell me the double seat is out of stock..

I am so angry, they were rude and unhelpful too on the phone & don't answer my emails.

Paid so much for a bloody pram i can't even use..i have to wait for the stock to come in? wtf

EvaLongoria Sun 10-Apr-11 12:24:48

I bought a brand new buggy in their January Sales and was delivered as promised. Havent had a problem with the buggy yet and therefore have not dealt with their customer service.

Fran12345 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:04:23

DON'T ever buy anything from preciouslittleone! The customer 'service' is terrible. The staff are rude and unhelpful. They promise to call back and never do!

One of the customer service 'manager's' actually HUNG UP ON ME! I was in no way rude to her. I was assertive and stated that the way they were handling my faulty carseat order was unsatisfactory and she hung up! - Very unprofessional!

Horrendous company - steer well clear.

The best online baby and child retailer is Kiddiecare- they're brilliant.

BLONDIEMUMMY Thu 14-Jul-11 03:43:11

I Preordered a maxicosi pebble in a limited edition colour, arrived 2 days earlier than they recommended and they price matched + 5% of the difference if I remember rightly. No complaints from me regarding preciouslittleones.

alcudia Tue 17-Apr-18 15:41:51


I know this is an old thread but for me we used they have sophie the giraffe, which for me, my littles ones didnt like but they do a sophie so pure teether ring which is smaller and they can hold it and this worked wonderes on their teething issues! smilesmilesmile So thumbs up for them from me!

nwatts Mon 10-Sep-18 16:08:46

Avoid Preciouslittleone at all costs. I purchased a Hauck tandem stroller which has broken within one year. There are still constant emails going back and forth. There is no one available to speak to on the telephone. Note the company only have email as contact. I am now in the position that I have to pay charges for a loan pushchair that will not fit through my front door and I have to send the HaucK back to them whilst they determine whether they can repair it. Staff so rude via email, it feels as though I am communicating with a computer rather than a person.

HappyParent28 Thu 15-Nov-18 23:21:09

I’ve bought most of my baby stuff from they have a great range of products, are very helpful and provide a quick service. I had an issue with one of my purchase but they addressed it in no time

niki12878 Thu 06-Jun-19 10:20:04

I would like to share my frustration with precious little one with you all.
After they sent the wrong item the customer service is shockingly bad. They dont answer your emails on time, the number doesnt work and they never call you back. I thought they were quite good until this situation amd will not be using them again

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