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CANVAS bedroom furniture

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nutcracker Sat 23-Apr-05 11:27:21

Any good ???? Was thinking of getting a pink canvas wardrobe and chest of drawers set for dd1's room. Think it is £60 for the wardrobe, chest and shelves.

Anyone else got canvas furniture and think it is ok or a pile of rubbish ???

jjash Sat 23-Apr-05 11:35:34

I`ve got the denim effect ones for ds .Seem ok and strong .Probably wont last for ages but have had it 3 years i think .I clean it by running hoover over it.He hasnt wrecked them so im impressed !!

AngelCakeUmm Sat 23-Apr-05 11:36:44

I have had a Wardrobe in the past in cream and it was fine it will be ok for a childs room and pink sounds lovely.

nutcracker Sat 23-Apr-05 11:47:00

Oh right, sounds good then, thanks.

Is the chest of drawers strong enough to hold a portable tv on the top ???

jjash Sat 23-Apr-05 11:48:24

Should be as have strong wooden slats .DS wardrobe has 3 tonnes of toys on top so cant see why not .

nutcracker Sat 23-Apr-05 11:56:08

Oh good thanks for that

Hulababy Sat 23-Apr-05 12:57:31

DD has a cream canvas wardrobe and it is absolutely full of clothes and other stuff - and it stands up to it really well. You can't store things on top of the wardrobe though, as now slats at top.

Loobie Sat 23-Apr-05 19:55:28

I have the drawers in my room and have my tv/video combi on top,the boys have the wardrobe witht hte shelving to the side and it has both boys clothes in and toys books etc on the shelves and all are standing up well.

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