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ok, The sling cupboard April part 1

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misdee Fri 03-Apr-09 16:31:13

no idea if anyone wants to join me

am just getting into sling with dd4.

have a napsackbaby mei tai, which i use for dd3 as well.

ring sling

and peanut shell.

all have different uses, and work well for us.

foxytocin Fri 03-Apr-09 18:51:50

but misdee all our egos (i have a big one grin) + our slings can't all fit in one cupboard.

and i don't want to let mnhq off so easily.

littlelamb Fri 03-Apr-09 18:54:59

I have had
A Baby bjorn active (lasted 5 days with an 8lber before I realised I owed my back more and sold it)
A Close
A Kari Me
An Ergo
All of which I loved.
I really wish proper slings were easier to buy on the high street. Judging by the amount of people who stop and ask me about them when we are out and about (including my very dishy doctor, who seemed to think I was putting ds down my t shirt wink) there is obviously a market for them. So why does baby bjorn have such a monopoly???

larsazlol Fri 03-Apr-09 19:02:33

hello, I have 4 ring slings, a babyhawk, a kozy, 4 wraps and a pouch, Dh has a patapum. I like slinging and I carry the two littlest ones about 50/50 when out and about or at home when I decide I need to do some house work.

I also like scaring strangers by putting the baby on my back, it is funny at least one person offers to help every time!

claireybeeinmyeasterbonnet Fri 03-Apr-09 19:04:02

I have calin bleu, calin bleu gauze, moby, babyhawk and a couple of shawls/sarongs that I improvise with. From being unputdownable for the first 8 months or so ds has now developed a bit of an aversion to slings though-he'll tolerate it on a stompy walk but thats it sad

littlelamb Fri 03-Apr-09 19:05:13

larsazlol, I think a lot of old ladies nearly had a heart attack last week when I put ds on my back in the M and S cafe grin
I really love how people actually talk and smile to ds when he is at their level.

foxytocin Fri 03-Apr-09 19:30:34

I am not sure how many slings I have blush

Let's see

dh: A toddlerhawk a
LittleLife (or something like that Framed carrier.)

1 new native pouch.
1 mayawrap ring sling which i will get rid of shortly
1 Tettitett (meitai)
1 Custom Babyhawk
1 Pasilurken (mei tai)
1 Octimeitai (mei tai Converted Hoppediz wrap)
5 Didymos
1 Hoppediz
3 storchenwiege
1 cut off of a storchenwiege which i use to do a ringsling carry but without rings.
1 Mexican rebozo
1 girasol.

blush blush blush

BeehiveBaby Fri 03-Apr-09 19:34:42

I will join but I do get my sling kicks elsewhere as a rule blush.

I am generally to be found trussed up to the nines in a Zidee Mei Tai or Pod with a 30lber on my back smile. Also liking my Deluxe Bamberoo tester and Vatanai wrap. A couple of ringslings, Hopps and Didys in the cupboard and some buckled carriers for DH.

JackBauerKilledTheEasterBunny Fri 03-Apr-09 20:02:16

Hello! I also get my slinging done elsehwere normally but I currently have

A 3m Didymos
A Wrap converted into a MT (so comfy)
A Comfy Joey Pouch
An Angeltail RS (which a 'friend' borrowed and has yet to give back)
A Sybela RS
A Mexican Rebozo (imported from Mexico!)
And a Napsack MT

I worked out teh other day I have bought and sold 3 other wraps, 6 MT's, 3 pouches and 2 ring slingsblush

Have you all found Yahoo babywearing swap?!

puddock Fri 03-Apr-09 20:05:15

Yay, sling cupboard! Just one Moby, one Didymos 5, and an odd string bag thing called a Tonga here. Am jsut starting to work on back carries with my 8kg 9mo DS, but we keep defaulting to FWCCs instead.

CMOTdibbler Fri 03-Apr-09 20:07:47

I have had an Ellaroo RS, an Ergo, a FBS MT, and a TTTH.

I currently have a Toddlerhawk, a toddler sized TaiTasi, a LittleLife Elite backpack (that doesn't really get used), and have just ordered an SBP superwide toddler RS.

DH tells me that as DS is 2.10, this is quite enough..

Am on Yahoo BWS

horsemadgal Fri 03-Apr-09 20:14:32

Thank heavens for slings, I'd never get on here otherwise. grin
DS2 asleep on me in Coorie right now. He's 7 weeks today.
Had loads of slings with DS1, another obsession. Only used Corrie so far with DS2.

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 03-Apr-09 20:26:18

Message withdrawn

littlelamb Fri 03-Apr-09 20:29:53

Starlight, you must get an ergo.
I started with the close, then went to a Kari Me (which is a bit like the tricott) then tried a babyhawk, but couldn't get on with it.
I bought an Ergo a month ago and it has been in use pretty much every day. I love it

poppy34 Fri 03-Apr-09 20:32:13

am going to be a massive hypocrite here (having laughed at pushchair shed [fwink])...but have a baba sling (useless unless for a little time round the house), baby bjorn (dd almost outgrown it but dh still likes it as thinks its comfy), scootababy (mega comfy but bit fiddly to put on and I've never mastered knack of how you wear a coat over it, carry anything with it so sadly only reaslly used in house). But ergo best of all - second littlelamb as have used it loads (and for quite a long time too) and its very comfy.

poppy34 Fri 03-Apr-09 20:32:56

starlight - bought ergo at same stage for baby poppy and not looked back

CMOTdibbler Fri 03-Apr-09 20:35:05

Starlight - time for a back carry with the Babyhawk. Or it might just be how you tie it - I find that a lexi twist (search on Youtube for instructions) really makes it much more supportive and pulls them in better

I didn't like the Ergo, and found a MT much more comfy

TheProvincialLady Fri 03-Apr-09 20:38:23

I have a wilkinet left over from DS1 - haven't used it at all with DS2 though. I also have a Baby Bjorn that someone gave me and which I couldn't even work out how to put onblush Then I bought an ergo which I love, but when DS2 came along I found the newborn insert was too warm for him and a bit tricky to use. So I am currently using a borrowed hugabub and waiting for my moby to arrive. I am looking forward to using the ergo again in a few months though.

I'm not a sling obsessive either but the right one makes such a difference. And I am enjoying all the attention DS2 gets in his hugabub!

ChairmumMiaow Fri 03-Apr-09 20:48:03

I have :

1 kari-me (not used since 7 months)
1 storchenwiege ring
1 huggababy ring (the dog ate a hole in it) but I prefer an unpadded ring anyway
1 babyhawk
1 toddlerhawk with extra long straps
1 storchenwiege wrap
1 hotslings pouch

I have loved them all at some point, and use the last 4 regularly (toddlerhawk more comfy on front, babyhawk easier on back with smaller straps)

I seriously thought about an ergo but got a patapum instead and hated it - I found it hard to get on and really hard to adjust although it was reasonably comfortable on my back. I just could never get over the price of them and couldn't find a cheap second hand one as the resale value is so good!

As I'm currently complaining on another thread, I can't manage any more with DS when I'm out and about for a long time (Typical wednesday means leaving the house at 9 for 9.30 soft play, then back on at 11 for a walk for a nap for around 1hr 30 (to get a 45min to 1hr nap) then somewhere for lunch and a bit more slinging to rhythm time, then a bit of shopping or coffee with a friend, then another half hour home getting there at around 3 or so. With a nappy bag loaded up for the day (and often shopping on the way home) I just can't take it and am currently shopping for a rear facing pushchair

I think I need to try some different ties with the toddlerhawk and storchenwiege. I can only get DS on my back with the babyhawk (the shorter straps make things easier) but I don't like DS sleeping on my back as the babyhawk doesn't support his neck and I find cross-body bags uncomfortable after a while. I am a big whinger Maybe someone has some suggestions

(I also am failing to find time to get my sling sales/hire business set up. I am hoping that hire will help people who go through a whole range of slings before they find what they like. I need to sort out my advertising before I invest in a bigger range of slings etc)

ChairmumMiaow Fri 03-Apr-09 20:49:33

oh and how do people keep dry with back carries? I have a kindercoat but can't get it on and DS's head through the hole...

NotSoRampantRabbit Fri 03-Apr-09 21:00:45

Ooooh - experts!

DC2 due at the end of May.

Had a very unsettled, colicky DS1 and used Baby Bjorn as much as I could bear BUT really want a comfy wrap type affair this time.

Would like to try and feed in it and use it around the house/out and about with newborn.

So far am thinking either moby wrap or a didymos.

Please tell me which one I need - I can't make decisions anymore.


ChairmumMiaow Fri 03-Apr-09 21:04:47

Rabbit - stretchy wrap is much easier to get the hang of as you don't need to tie it around the baby (you can tie first and pop the baby in) but a didymos would last you a long time.

I always found a ring sling much easier to feed in though (never tried with a woven wrap as DS didn't feed as much by the time we got ours)

NotSoRampantRabbit Fri 03-Apr-09 21:09:05

Thanks CM - how long would a stretchy wrap last do you think?

I tend to have small babies that feed all day/night but never gain any bloody weight!

I like the look of the didymos but apparently different materials are easier/harder to tie. What would be best for a novice?

Thanks for help.

CMOTdibbler Fri 03-Apr-09 21:10:52

Moby or a ring sling are def the way to go. I had an Ellaroon rs, and it was easy to feed in.

Chairmum - it won't be long till he starts to walk now, so then you don't have such long periods. But a back carry in the TH will be much more comfortable.

I use a golf umbrella - DS does grab, but it's not too bad. The bag thing is tricky, but I have a Mommy Kecci bag so can wear it cross body or as a rucksac

ChairmumMiaow Fri 03-Apr-09 21:13:51

My kari-me was comfy till about 12lbs or so and wearable till perhaps 15, so under 6mo for us. Stretchy is definitely easier for a novice wrap tier (it was our first sling and DH figured it out first go). They will sell pretty well if you want to trade up when you're used to it too.

CMOT - I struggle with the long straps with the toddlerhawk though. I need your tips in person

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