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Which pram for a new mum who's only 4ft11

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Jasmum Thu 21-Apr-05 22:11:05

Hi, A friend of mine is pg with her first baby and is lookingjasmum at pushchairs, they all seem to be too high for her, can anyone recommend a pushchair for the shorter Mum please?

hub2dee Thu 21-Apr-05 22:55:05

The bugaboo looks like it's good for short people - the pram seems to sit so low.

The Moutain Buggy Urban has an adjustable handle (both up and down) so perhaps that would be a possible ?

Also we tried an I'coo Piko 4 in Mothercare and it had nice adjustability, but not sure quite how low it becomes.

Sorry can't be more helpful.

sparklymieow Thu 21-Apr-05 23:15:35

I used a Graco metrosport for DD2, adjustable handle so both me and Dh could use it... am only 4ft 11 myself

nicm Fri 22-Apr-05 09:34:48

hi the jane powertrack has an adjustable handle. my mindee had one and it was easy to push and had the matrix which was nice as baby could lie flat. it was the one with a fixed wheel and is still excellent and light to push even though he is now 2. hth

poppy101 Sun 24-Apr-05 18:57:43

I used the M & P travel system, excellent thing for me as I am the same size, you can also adapt the handles, suits my tall husband. Also bought a second hand one M & P, few years ago and it is more or less suitable for a short person and also find that they are sturdier and lighter. I actually prefer the older M & P prams, but it does depend what you need it for.

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